Cystic fibrosis: Young spouses died of the disease only a few days in a row

Cystic fibrosis: Young spouses died of the disease only a few days in a row

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Bad metabolic disease: cystic fibrosis couple dies in quick succession
In the United States, two young people died within a few days: the couple both suffered from the incurable metabolic disease, cystic fibrosis. Due to an increased risk of infection, they were advised not to meet. But love weighed more for her. The tragic story made headlines worldwide.

Both spouses suffered from incurable metabolic disease
The two married couples Katie and Dalton Prager from the USA were only 25 years old and died a few days apart. It had been foreseeable for years that the couple would die, because both partners had an incurable metabolic disorder. The story of the couple also became a tragedy that was noted worldwide because they had been advised against meeting because of an increased risk of infection. The lovers did not follow the advice. The two met on the Internet at the age of 18, when they were in different hospitals because of cystic fibrosis.

Around 8,000 cystic fibrosis patients in Germany
Cystic fibrosis is a congenital metabolic disorder. In Germany alone, around 8,000 people suffer from the incurable disease, especially children and young adults. Characteristic of the hereditary disease is a limited functionality of the mucus-forming glands in the body, which creates a very tough mucus, which affects in particular the lung function, but also the digestive organs and thus leads to complaints such as shortness of breath, respiratory infections, diarrhea and fatty stool.

Very different course of the disease
The course of the disease is very different and can affect different organs. The severity of the disease can also vary enormously. Because the earlier the disease is recognized, the better the treatment options, experts have been saying for years that cystic fibrosis screening for babies is necessary. In the meantime, an examination for cystic fibrosis can also be carried out in Germany with the so-called newborn screening.

Average life expectancy at around 40 years
Children with cystic fibrosis can often be treated well. Life expectancy is continuously increasing thanks to advanced therapies and an increasingly earlier diagnosis. Currently, the average life expectancy of cystic fibrosis patients is around 40 years. But not everyone reaches this age.

Doctors tried to prevent the couple from meeting
Not even the couple from the United States, whose tragedy reminds many people of the film "Destiny is a bad traitor". When Katie and Dalton fell in love, they both had cystic fibrosis, but only he had Burkholderia, an infection that accelerates cystic fibrosis significantly, reports CNN. The teenagers doctors tried to prevent the two from meeting in person. However, they did not allow themselves to be advised against this and kissed their mouths when they first met at the age of 18.

They married two years later and lived a reasonably normal life. Katie then became infected with Dalton's infection. In 2014 both received a lung transplant. They survived for about a year, but Dalton was diagnosed with lymph node cancer, pneumonia, and a viral infection. Katie's health also deteriorated rapidly. In September, the two finally died only five days apart. (ad)

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