Why rheumatism can help a cure in autumn

Why rheumatism can help a cure in autumn

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Cold is around the corner / rheumatism complaints increase
Rheumatism patients know it from their own experience: When the days get shorter and the weather gets worse, the illness-related complaints and especially their pain increase. Rheumatism patients are often laughed at for this sensitivity to the weather, although scientists have now even provided evidence [1]. About half of rheumatism patients are affected by this phenomenon. You have more pain and joint stiffness, especially when the sun is shining for a short time, rain or frosty temperatures. For these patients, a radon and warmth cure in the fall can help them get through the winter well and reduce their pain medication consumption.

To do this, patients drive into a mountain with a tunnel train and stay at the therapy stations for about 60 minutes. “At temperatures of over 37.5 degrees and high humidity, blood vessels dilate and blood circulation is promoted. As a result, the muscles relax, which in turn frees the nerve pathways from painful pressure stimuli, ”explains Univ.-Doz. Dr. Bertram HölzI, scientific director of the Gastein healing gallery. Radon thermal tunnels are particularly effective. Radon also emits in small quantities from the mountain rock. This inhibits the activity of inflammatory cells in rheumatic patients.

"Radon heat therapy also influences the serotonin metabolism, the disturbance of which experts believe to be the cause of the increased pain sensation when the weather changes," reports Dr. Hölzl. Radon also influences pain messengers. The less active they are, the less pain there is. The effect ranges from significant pain relief to complete freedom from symptoms, and often lasts for months. "For some patients, this effect starts at the end of the course, for others it is delayed after a few weeks," says Dr. Hölzl.

For many, it is an important month in which not only do rheumatism symptoms disappear or at least decrease significantly, but also physical and occupational therapy options and sporting activities can be integrated into everyday life. Exercise can reduce inflammatory attacks, counteracts rheumatic stiffening of the joints and prevents muscle breakdown. Studies confirm the good results of a three-week cure with regular stays in the radon thermal tunnel: About 9 out of 10 patients benefit from a cure. You have less pain and need less pain medication. Morning stiffness also improves. "Many of our patients cure specifically in autumn," reports Dr. "You will get through the winter much better after a cure." Health insurance companies often cover about 90 percent of the therapy costs for cures with radon heat therapy. [1] Arthritis & Rheumatism 2009, Volume 61 (9), page: 1243-1247

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