Daily leg pain? Window disease may be behind it

Circulatory disorder: get window dressing treated early
If your legs hurt after a short while while strolling through the city, this can be an indication of a serious illness. Cramp-like pain can indicate peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAD) - also known as a shop window disease. In order to avoid complications, the disease should be treated as early as possible.

Cramping pain in the legs
If you experience cramp-like leg pain after walking for a short time and you have to stop more often, this can indicate peripheral arterial disease (PAD). This circulatory disorder in the legs, which is also known as a shop window disease, is not only uncomfortable, but can also be dangerous.

Affected people have to stop again and again
At pAVK, which is popularly referred to as smoker's leg, the leg muscles are not adequately supplied with oxygen and already hurt so much with moderate exercise that the affected people have to stop again and again, reports the Federal Association for Health Information and Consumer Protection (BGV). What looks like window shopping is the first impact of a serious illness.

In the further course, the legs also hurt at rest
If the circulatory disorder progresses untreated, the legs also hurt at rest in the further course. Wound healing is also impaired; in the worst case, there are open spots on the legs.

"In addition, peripheral arterial disease is always a warning for calcifications in other arteries that increase the risk of heart attack or stroke," explained Professor Dr. Klaus G. Parhofer, Senior Consultant in Medical Clinic II at the University of Munich.

Treat the disease as early as possible
In order not to get this far, the disease should be recognized and treated as early as possible. To reduce the risk of illness, smoking should be avoided. In addition, more exercise and a healthy diet help to reduce the risk.

In some patients, however, a lifestyle change is not enough to sufficiently reduce the risk of deposits. You will also need medications such as blood lipid lowering and / or blood pressure lowering. (ad)

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