Persistent stress reduces the chances of pregnancy

Stress reduces the chances of pregnancy
A recent study showed that women who suffer from stress have less chance of becoming pregnant. However, if you manage to reduce your stress level, the chances of conception increase again.

Stress endangers the health of young people
It has long been known that stress during pregnancy can affect the child's health. Stress can also be dangerous before pregnancy and can lead to underweight in newborns. Scientists have now reported that women who are stressed are less likely to get pregnant anyway.

Stressed women are less likely to get pregnant
The assumption that women suffering from stress have less chance of pregnancy is not new, but has now been proven in a study. According to scientists from the University of Louisville in Kentucky, USA, only four in ten women became pregnant during the fertile days when they were under a lot of stress during this period. For women who felt more stressed over the long term, it was even less.

Subjective stress level
The researchers, who published their results in the journal "Annals of Epidemiology", also found that the negative influence of stress persists even if other factors such as the Body Mass Index (BMI), age, alcohol consumption and Frequency of sex were taken into account.

As part of the study, in which 400 women up to and including 40 years of age participated, the subjects had to indicate their subjective stress level on a scale of one to four every day. Information on menstruation, sex, contraception, alcohol, caffeine and tobacco consumption was also recorded. The participants were observed over an average of eight cycles or until pregnancy occurred.

Better chances of conception
According to study director Kira Taylor from the University of Louisville, the results showed that women would have a better chance of conception if they reduced their stress levels. “Sports, participating in a stress management course or talking to health experts can help,” said Taylor in a statement from the university. (ad)

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