A sensible alternative to soy: Lupine foods are a suitable substitute

Healthy legumes: Lupine foods are an alternative to soy
The number of people who eat vegetarian or vegan is continuously increasing. Instead of meat or sausage, foods are often served that are made from soy or milk protein. Some people do not tolerate this so well. Lupines are not only a great alternative for them.

Meat substitutes are the trend
More and more people are reducing or stopping their meat consumption. Vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians often come up with vegetarian alternatives for steaks or sausages. Meat replacement products have been booming for years. However, some components of these foods, such as milk protein or soy, are not tolerated by all people. For them, lupins, which are among the healthy legumes, offer a good substitute.

Lupins contain a lot of high quality protein
Some people already call lupins the new soy. Schnitzel, sausages, flour and ice cream are made from the plant. Such products are very suitable for people who suffer from a food allergy to milk protein or soy.

As the German Vegetarian Association (VEBU) explains, lupine products are very high in protein. "The lupine protein is particularly high quality because it contains all essential amino acids," the experts write on their website. In addition, lupine seeds contain little fat and no gluten, but a lot of fiber. Since the seeds are also almost purine-free, they are also suitable for gout patients.

Mostly well tolerated
But Lupine is also one of the 14 main allergens, the use of which must be labeled on packaging. According to VEBU, cross allergy to peanuts is particularly common. According to this, peanut allergy sufferers have a 30-60 percent risk of a lupine allergy and should avoid it.

Apart from these people, most people tolerate lupine products well. Such foods can be found, for example, in well-stocked organic shops, health food stores or in some supermarkets. (ad)

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