Patients: High health risks from medication errors

Avoid risks from incorrect drug intake
In Germany there are around 250,000 hospitalizations per year due to undesirable drug effects that can be attributed to medication errors. The “International Patient Safety Day” is intended to help reduce health risks from improper use.

Every fourth German takes several medications a day
Health experts have been demanding for years to better protect patients from medication errors. Common medication errors include drug interactions. In this country, a very large section of the population is dependent on taking several medications. A survey commissioned by the Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations (ABDA) showed that around one in four people in Germany take several pills a day.

The "International Patient Safety Day" under the motto "Avoiding medication errors together" should help to reduce health risks due to improper drug intake.

Health hazards due to improper use
Federal Health Minister Hermann Gröhe, who took over the patronage, said in a message: “Medicines are crucial for the healing process in many cases - at the same time there are health risks due to improper use. With the new action plan for drug therapy safety, which the Federal Cabinet decided on in August, we are promoting the safe use of drugs. "

“From October onwards, every insured person who uses at least three prescribed medicines is entitled to a medication plan. This is of great help, especially for older, chronically and multiply ill people, ”said the CDU politician. From 2018, the medication plan should also be available electronically on the health card. This should be helpful, especially for seniors, to keep an overview of the medication taken.

A quarter of a million hospital admissions could be avoided
According to the Ministry announcement, undesirable drug effects affect people who use several drugs at the same time in the long term. According to this, around five percent of all hospital admissions are due to undesirable side effects of medicines, a quarter of which could be avoided. This means that an estimated 250,000 hospitalizations per year are due to avoidable medication errors. (ad)

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