Unhealthy overdosing: children eat too much sugar

Unhealthy overdosing: children eat too much sugar

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Sugar consumption in adolescents leads to many health problems
Nowadays there are more and more overweight children. The reasons for this are often improper nutrition and lack of exercise. British researchers found that children consume far too much sugar. The adolescents examined partially ingested twice as much sugar as a healthy child should normally consume a day.

The Public Health England researchers found that children often consume more than twice the amount of sugar that is normally recommended in adolescent nutrition guidelines. Of course, this creates many health risks. The doctors published a press release with the results of the National Diet and Nutrition Survey.

Obesity and obesity are on the rise worldwide
More and more people worldwide are overweight and obese. Many children and adolescents also eat unhealthy and are getting fatter. Of course, this has negative effects on human health, the experts say. In Germany alone, around seven million people are on therapy for obesity.

Children need a healthy diet and a lot more exercise
For a long time now, doctors have warned that more and more children have problems with their weight. But what can we do if our offspring is getting fatter? For example, older studies have shown that younger siblings promote health and prevent obesity. Of course, we should also motivate our children to do more sports and exercise more generally. Experts are calling for a lot more exercise for children to prevent obesity.

A lot of children in the UK are overweight or obese
The results of the new survey are extremely worrying. Today, one in three British 10-year-old children is overweight or obese, and one in three 5-year-old children suffers from tooth decay, the researchers explain. The experts add that the effects of excessive sugar consumption should first be taken and combated urgently.

Children consume twice as much sugar as recommended
The new survey included 1,288 adults and 1,258 children. All subjects kept a so-called food diary over a period of three or four days. According to the results of the survey, children aged four to ten years consumed an average of 100 milliliters (ml) of sugary drinks a day. Between 2008 and 2010, the children drank even more sugary drinks daily with around 130 ml, the researchers say. Even so, sugar still accounts for about 13 percent of children's daily calorie intake. This value is more than twice the recommended amount of five percent, the doctors explain.

We should all change our diet
Many children aged four to ten years get 13 percent of their daily calorie intake from saturated fatty acids. These data provide compelling evidence that we should all consume more fruits, vegetables, fiber, and fatty fish, the authors explain. This allows us to reduce sugar, salt and saturated fat intake and improve our health, explains Alison Tedstone from Public Health England. Otherwise, gastric surgery is often the last resort for obesity.

Obesity and obesity lead to dangerous illnesses
It is encouraging to see that young children consume fewer sugary drinks. Nevertheless, the diet of adolescents and adults still contains far too much sugar, the researchers say. Affected children have a significantly increased risk of becoming overweight and obese. This also increases the risk of some heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and various types of cancer, the authors explain. (as)

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