Urgent recall for organic sesame started by dm

Urgent recall for organic sesame started by dm

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Drugstore chain calls organic sesame back for salmonella
The company has recalled potentially affected products due to the detection of salmonella in the organic sesame of the drugstore chain "dm". The bacteria can cause severe diarrhea in humans and pose a risk especially for people who are already weakened. The "dmBio Sesame unpeeled 500 g" of the batches concerned can be returned to the dm stores for a refund of the purchase price.

"For reasons of preventive consumer protection", a recall campaign for the article "dmBio Sesame unpeeled 500 g" was started with the country of origin Uganda, according to the drugstore chain. The detection of Salmonella in one of the affected products prompted the company to take this step. The bacteria can cause so-called salmonellosis in humans.

According to “dm”, only “dmBio Sesame unpeeled 500 g” from Uganda with the batch codes L6601080 and the best-before date 07 October 2016 or 08 October 2016, L5601142 and the best-before date 14 October 2016 as well as the L5603020, L5603021 and L5603030 are affected with the best-before date of December 3, 2016. Likewise, the batch codes L5603050 and L5603051, each with the best-before date 05. The "batch coding is easily recognizable on the side of the product packaging", according to the message from "dm".

Bring affected products back to the market
After Salmonella was found in a sample during controls of the product, it cannot be ruled out with complete certainty that individual products from the batches mentioned above may also be affected, reports the drugstore chain. As a precaution, these are taken out of sale as a precaution and "Customers are asked to return unopened or already opened products from these batches to the dm stores." You will receive the purchase price back. “The quality and safety of our products is our top priority. We regret the incident and apologize to all customers for the inconvenience, ”continued“ dm ”.

A quick reaction to the detection of pathogens in food is essential to avoid further health risks for consumers. In the past, people have repeatedly become infected with contaminated food. The warning of the drugstore chain should therefore be taken seriously and the products should not be consumed. (fp)

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