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Research: Intercourse in a partnership: Much makes couples happier

Research: Intercourse in a partnership: Much makes couples happier

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Examines: How often should couples “make love” to be happy?

Even though many people claim otherwise, sex is the foundation of a love relationship. If there is no sex, people become sad, unhappy and frustrated. However, if people regularly follow their lust, they are more relaxed, happier and happier overall. But how much is really enough to have a happy relationship? Social psychologist Amy Muise and her team evaluated several studies for a meta-analysis that totaled more than 30,000 women and men in the United States. The results have been amazing.

More frequent intercourse cannot increase satisfaction
How often do happy couples have sex? Every day, weekly or once a month? Scientists from the University of Toronto Mississauga in Canada asked themselves this question and carried out a large-scale study to answer it. The result: frequent intercourse does not always lead to more satisfaction - instead, the happiest couples have sex about once a week.

Physical closeness helps with stress and inner restlessness
Sex is healthy and makes you happy - several studies have already come to this conclusion. Because the body releases the happiness hormone endorphin during sexual intercourse, which ensures satisfaction and also works against stress and inner restlessness. Can it be concluded that couples who have a lot of sex are happier too? Or does the simple rule “less is more” apply? Scientist Amy Muise and her colleagues from the University of Toronto Mississauga in Canada asked themselves this question. Muise assumed that happiness can only be increased up to a certain sex frequency.

Satisfaction is reduced less than once a week
To test this thesis, the scientists evaluated surveys of a total of more than 30,500 Americans. It turned out that more sex in a relationship also means more happiness - but not without restrictions. Because satisfaction was particularly high among those who slept about once a week. Those who had sexual intercourse several times a week could not increase their happiness further, the scientists report in the journal "Social Psychological and Personality Science".

Despite widespread stereotypes that men want more sex and older people have less sex, according to Muise, the results showed no differences in gender, age, or length of relationship. "Our results have been consistent for men and women, younger and older people, and for couples who have been married for only a few years or decades," said the psychologist in a statement from the Society of Personality and Social Psychology. However, this only applies to people in stable relationships. However, the connection between frequent sex and increased happiness could not be proven for singles.

Researchers use data from three different individual studies
Amy Muise and her colleagues used three different individual studies for their investigation. In the first step, they evaluated the data from the "General Social Survey", for which more than 25,000 participants answered questions about the relationship between satisfaction and sex life.

In the next section of the study, the researchers asked 335 people living in a steady partnership to fill out an online questionnaire on the subject, which also included data on the monthly income of the subjects. In the third part, the psychologists used data from the "National Survey of Families and Households". Among other things, this provides information about how satisfied US couples are with their partnership and life and how often they have sex.

Low sex frequency makes you more dissatisfied than low income
The scientists came to other interesting results by e.g. realized that less frequent sex led to dissatisfaction than low income. "People often think that more money and more sex mean more happiness, but that's only true up to a point," said Muise.

Couples should talk to each other about their sexual satisfaction
In addition, the individual studies again confirmed the thesis that happiness can only be increased up to a certain sex frequency. According to the researchers, this could also be the reason why, according to their own information, most couples sleep with each other about once a week.

"Maybe that's the average because more sex isn't linked to greater wellbeing." But the reverse theory is also conceivable: "Couples may feel satisfied as long as they think they have sex as often as the average age of couples."

However, the results of the study would not necessarily mean that couples should now have more or less sex in order to reach the weekly average, the researcher continues. But they should talk about whether their sexual needs are being met. "It is important for an intimate connection with your partner that you can have sex with one another as often as possible without putting too much pressure on it," she said. (No)

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