Loose needles: Manufacturer Novo Nordisk calls back diabetes emergency kit

Loose needles: Manufacturer Novo Nordisk calls back diabetes emergency kit

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"GlucaGen Hypokit": Novo Nordisk calls back diabetes medication set
The Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk recalls three batches of the "GlucaGen® HypoKit" in Germany. The product is used to treat severe hypoglycaemia in diabetes patients.

Diabetes emergency kit will be recalled
The Danish manufacturer Novo Nordisk recalls three batches of the “GlucaGen® HypoKit” diabetes emergency kit in Germany. The product is used to treat severe hypoglycemic reactions (hypoglycaemia) that may occur during insulin therapy in children and adults with diabetes mellitus.

Hypoglycaemia can be dangerous
The first signs of hypoglycaemia include tremors, excessive sweating, restlessness and nervousness. If diabetics do not immediately consume sugar (especially glucose) or receive an injection with hormonal antagonists of the insulin glucagon, the condition of the person concerned becomes increasingly worse.

Needles could loosen
According to a press release, the company conducted an investigation that showed that in a few cases (0.006 percent) the needles detached from the pre-filled syringe in certain batches of "GlucaGen® HypoKit". The malfunction is not recognizable on the outside.

In an emergency, needles could come off during use. In such cases, the preparation can no longer be used as intended. If this delays treatment, it can have serious consequences for the patient.

Batches FS6W906, FS6W937 and FS6X052 with an expiry date of May 31, 2018 are affected. The drugs have been sold in Germany since 2016.

Report side effects to the manufacturer
Patients are asked to return the affected packs to their pharmacy and have them exchanged free of charge. In addition, the pharmaceutical producer writes: "All suspected side effects using the GlucaGen® HypoKit with the above Batch names and expiry dates should be reported to Novo Nordisk immediately. "

Novo Nordisk regrets the incident and apologizes for the inconvenience this has caused to patients, doctors and pharmacists.

Recall of blood sugar test strips
Just a few months ago, another product for diabetes patients had to be recalled. The pharmaceutical company Stadapharm recalled its blood sugar test strips and measuring device kits. Shortly afterwards, products from other manufacturers came under criticism.

The German Diabetes Society (DDG) had called for a recall of unreliable blood sugar test strips. The experts accused the medical technology manufacturer Medisana AG and the retail chain Aldi Süd of endangering patient safety by selling these products. (ad)

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