The best homemade potato chips without additives

The best homemade potato chips without additives

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Chips or french fries and organic - do they go together?
Chips or french fries and organic - do they go together? Yes. The range of processed potato products from organic cultivation has increased significantly in recent years.

The potatoes used for this were produced without the use of chemical pesticides. All other ingredients, such as deep-frying oil, must also come from organic farming. This oil is uncured and has not been obtained using chemical solvents. Manufacturers often use valuable sunflower oil with plenty of unsaturated fatty acids. And finally, organic producers do without a whole range of additives that are common in conventional production.

For example sulfides. They ensure that conventional dry products such as potato dumpling powder are more durable. However, in sensitive people, they can cause asthma and other intolerance reactions. The latter also applies to gallates and butylated hydroxianisole (BHA), popular antioxidants in dry products. Stabilizers such as polyphosphates, flavor enhancers, coloring carotenoids and nature-identical flavors are also not found in organic potato products. However, ascorbic acid and citric acid are allowed as antioxidants. They prevent the processed potatoes from discolouring.

By the way: Most of the finished potato products such as fries, chips and puree can also be made in your own kitchen without any additives. You can find many recipes here (pm)

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