Best friends exchanged as infants 41 years ago - on purpose

Best friends exchanged as infants 41 years ago - on purpose

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DNA test shows: Friends swapped at birth in clinic 41 years ago
Two Aboriginal Canadians who have been friends for years have now learned that they were exchanged when they were born 41 years ago. This was confirmed by DNA tests. It was probably not a mix-up, but possibly an intentional replacement of the babies.

When newborns are swapped
It is probably one of the worst parental nightmares that babies can be exchanged in the clinic. Unfortunately, it happens again and again. For example, a case was reported last year in France in which parents claimed damages because their babies had been exchanged in a clinic 20 years earlier.

Sometimes it takes longer for the truth to come to light. Two Canadians have now learned that they were exchanged as babies in the clinic 41 years ago. This may have been done on purpose.

Two friends swapped 41 years ago
According to “CBC News”, two Canadians who have been friends for many years were swapped when they were born 41 years ago. According to this, David Tait Jr. of the Cree tribe tearfully told a press conference in Winnipeg, capital of Manitoba province, that recent DNA tests had shown that he was the biological child of the woman who raised his boyfriend Leon Swanson. In the same clinic, two newborns had been swapped in the 1970s.

DNA tests revealed the truth
The two friends were born three days apart. Leon Swanson was born on January 31, 1975 in the government-run Aboriginal Hospital in the small community of Norway House. On February 3, David Tait Jr. followed. DNA testing now proved that the two men were each raised by the other's biological mother.

Tait said everyone involved wanted "answers" about how that could happen. "We have no words." He was "disturbed, confused, angry".

Not the first mistake in the clinic
Last November it became known that two other babies had been exchanged in the same clinic and in the same year. This case ensured that Tait and Swanson could also be tested.

As "CBC" reports, Canada's health minister Jane Philpott now wants the background of the two incidents to be investigated. It also offered DNA testing to anyone born in the hospital in the mid-1970s. The hospital was known as the "birth center" of northern Manitoba because it was the only clinic in the region in the 1970s.

Better health care for indigenous people
A statement said: “The results of this review will be published. Cases like this are an unfortunate reminder of the urgency of providing quality health care to all people in the indigenous population. ”

The indigenous people of Canada are only a minority in the country, but when it comes to economic or social disadvantage, their percentage of the total population is very high.

Criminal acts
Former Minister Eric Robinson said of the incidents: “I can only describe it as a criminal. We can live with one mistake, but two mistakes of a similar nature cannot simply be dismissed as an accident, in my view it was a criminal act. ” He added: "Lives were stolen here." (Ad)

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