Relaxation with simple mindfulness training in everyday life

Relaxation with simple mindfulness training in everyday life

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Do not just relax on vacation: train mindfulness in everyday life
Increasing stress and work pressure are causing more and more people to get sick from their jobs. The consequences include sleep disorders, high blood pressure, stomach complaints or psychosomatic complaints. To prevent this, you should always relax and regenerate - and not just on vacation.

Workload increases
Many workers are increasingly challenged in their jobs. Stress and work pressure endanger health. Those who are constantly under voltage have a higher risk of sleep disorders, high blood pressure, stomach problems and psychosomatic complaints. In order to prevent this, employees should always ensure sufficient relaxation.

Regeneration should not be limited to vacation
As the German Society for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Psychosomatics and Neurology (DGPPN) reports on the website "", relaxation should not be limited to vacation, but should also be a fixed part of everyday life Be part of it. Regular regeneration phases in leisure time are important for well-being, performance and to build up resources.

Illusion of "concentrated relaxation"
"Some people primarily see the holiday as a period of time that is available for relaxation and stress relief," said DGPPN President Dr. Iris Hauth. According to the expert, however, studies have shown that "the recovery after the vacation is over after two to four weeks - depending on the quality of the vacation and the subsequent workload". It is rather an illusion to consider “vacation as“ concentrated relaxation ”, which helps people over the dry spell to the next vacation”.

Individual relaxation measures
"Appropriate measures for individual relaxation with psychological and physical regeneration must be carried out regularly, otherwise there is a risk of not finding relaxation even on vacation and at the weekend," says Dr. Hauth. It is important to take your own needs into account and to be able to switch off from your job mentally.

According to experts, it is important, among other things, for the balance between job and free time to plan your leisure time and to integrate relaxation into everyday life. Leisure activities should be fun and enjoyable and should be a kind of counterpoint to the stress of work.

Exercise mindfulness
The president of the DGPPN proposes a so-called mindfulness training. "By training mindfulness, you can train yourself to consciously distance yourself from things that do not really play a role in the" here and now ", but only superimpose the moment," explained Dr. "If you manage to stay in touch with yourself through more mindfulness, this leads to more authenticity in everyday life and thus to more self-esteem, well-being and it reduces the stress experience."

Effectiveness confirmed in scientific studies
Interest in mindfulness-based procedures has grown in recent years. In the meantime, their effectiveness has also been confirmed in scientific studies, especially in dealing with mental stress, mental illness and pain. One study showed that mindfulness training in combination with behavioral therapy can relieve back pain. Most of the exercises are used against everyday stress.

Something other than wellness
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is one of the most researched training programs in recent decades, according to DGPPN. It is designed as an eight-week program with two and a half hour group sessions. “Mindfulness is something other than wellness or relaxation and more than just being careful or paying special attention. If you do it seriously, it can be profound because you learn to focus on yourself and improve your self-awareness, ”emphasized Dr. Hauth.

Mindfulness training is particularly effective if the participants continue the exercises they have learned independently at home and integrate them into their everyday work. Then a few minutes of focusing on the present are enough to be prepared for the stress of work. (ad)

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