Training with weights: Only by building muscle can you lose a lot of pounds

Do you want to lose weight? Be sure to train with weights too!
Getting rid of extra pounds is usually not that easy. Of course, a balanced diet with few calories plays an important role here, but regular exercise is also important to achieve your desired weight. According to experts, building muscle is very important for weight loss. Training with weights is particularly useful here.

Regular exercise helps you lose weight
Regular exercise is not only important for our health, but also helps you lose weight. According to scientific studies, sport drives out constant hunger. You also burn calories. However, it is even more important in this context that muscles are built up through training. Because that ultimately serves to reduce weight.

It's the right mix
According to Professor Ingo Froböse from the German Sport University in Cologne, the focus when losing weight should be on building muscle mass, because muscles eat energy. However, endurance training is also important to do the body good. In an older message from the dpa news agency, the expert said: “Muscles give the body the necessary displacement, so to speak, and endurance training gives me PS. So the mix does it! "

The fastest way to build muscle
In fact, you can burn fat with intensive cardio training, but some experts believe that if you want to lose weight, you cannot avoid weight training. The American celebrity trainer and ex- "Miss America" ​​Tia Falcone also sees it that way. She explained: “Weight training is the fastest way to build muscle. It’s not so much about burning calories. ”

burn calories
Cardio training is great if you want to burn calories, but you have to get the weights to shape the figure. "You will not change your body shape (with cardio), but only become a smaller shape of yourself," said the trainer. When losing weight, the basic rule is: you have to use more energy during the day than you consume through food. The big advantage of building muscle is that the body burns calories even when you are not active in sports.

New trend sport
In addition to conventional dumbbell training, the new trend sport kettlebell (English for "ball dumbbell") has also become increasingly popular. It is a heavy iron ball with a flattened bottom, reminiscent of a cowbell or cannonball with a handle. The ball dumbbell offers enormous versatility, trains the whole body and promotes strength, endurance and coordination of movements. (ad)

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