Increase in health insurance contributions: Health Minister Gröhe talks about scaremongering

Health minister Gröhe warns of scaremongering with health insurance contributions
Calculations have been reported in recent days that health insurance contributions will increase massively in the coming years. There was talk of a doubling of the additional contributions. Federal Minister of Health Gröhe has now warned against panic attacks.

Debate about massively increasing additional contributions
In view of the debate about massively increasing additional premiums in statutory health insurance (GKV), Federal Minister of Health Hermann Gröhe (CDU) has warned against scaremongering. As the dpa news agency reports, Gröhe said with a view to the latest forecasts by the health economist Jürgen Wasem from the University of Duisburg-Essen that this assessment far exceeds that of the Ministry of Health and the GKV umbrella association.

Additional contributions of over 50 euros
Wasem's calculations had recently been reported, according to which the additional contribution could rise above 50 euros. The expert expects the average additional contribution to health insurance to increase from 1.1 percent by 2020 to 2.4 percent.

Spending on pharmaceuticals is increasing less rapidly
According to Gröhe, the health appraisers in October will present their forecasts for the coming year. These would certainly be lower. In this connection, the politician pointed out, among other things, that expenditure on pharmaceuticals would increase less than expected.

The health minister sees no reason to deviate from the current funding. Gröhe said this in view of the demand from SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel to return to the equal funding of health insurance by employees and employers. The CDU politician thinks this is an election campaign topic of the SPD.

Make health care financially sustainable
In a statement last year, Gröhe stated that the ministry would keep an eye on the additional contributions. At the time, he said: “But there is no such thing as good care free of charge.” The aim is to continue to provide patients with top-quality medicine and good care and to make the healthcare system financially sustainable. (ad)

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