Tugging games with young dogs - teeth can be damaged

Tugging games with young dogs - teeth can be damaged

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Teeth of young dogs can be damaged when tugging
Playing with your own dog is fun for both animals and humans. There are plenty of different ways to play. With many of them, the four-legged friends can learn important lessons. So-called tugging with young dogs is not recommended. The teeth of the animals could be damaged.

Dealing with dogs is good for health
Around 28 million pets are kept in Germany. The majority of them are dogs and cats. Children especially love to cuddle and cuddle with the animals. Playing with dogs is not only fun, it is also good for your health. It is even practiced in everyday therapeutic life. For example, animal-assisted therapy for depression is widespread. And dogs also help in psychiatry.

Tug games are unsuitable for young dogs
The animal rights organization Peta writes in a recent message that there is a wide range of play options. "Playing should be fun and good, but not every form is suitable," says Dörte Röhl, veterinarian and specialist for animal roommates at Peta.

So-called tug-of-war games, in which owners and four-legged friends have a kind of tug-of-war with a toy, are rather unsuitable for puppies and young dogs, since they can lead to injuries to the teeth that are growing. It is generally advisable to only play so "wildly" that the game can be ended at any time with a short "No".

Instead of tennis balls, prefer special dog toys
Games with tennis balls are also not recommended for dogs because the surrounding felt grinds the teeth of the four-legged friend - regardless of age - like sandpaper. Continuous tooth damage can lead to severe toothache. Residual sand and dirt make the problem worse. According to the experts, owners should best buy special dog toys. (ad)

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