Berlin visitors try doner kebabs and poison themselves - hospitalization

Berlin visitors try doner kebabs and poison themselves - hospitalization

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Bad kebab meat leads to nausea and hospitalization
Many people in Germany like to eat kebab. This well-known dish comes from Turkish cuisine and is also known as doner kebab (rotating grill meat). There are a number of tasty variations of the dish. However, there are also black spices that sell old meat or poor quality when selling kebab. This now happened in a kebab snack bar in Berlin. Fourteen participants from a travel group from Hesse had to be hospitalized after eating a doner kebab for lunch.

Members of a travel group from Hesse now paid for their lunch in a doner kebab in Berlin with a hospital stay. After the participants at Potsdamer Platz ate so-called Turkish grilled meat, all consumers suffered from nausea. This got worse and worse, so those affected had to be hospitalized a little later. The supposedly responsible doner kebab was later confiscated.

Price war and competition reduce the quality of kebab
The kebab is one of the best-selling fast food dishes in Germany. Traditionally, the kebab was only made with mutton or lamb. Nowadays, chicken meat is also becoming increasingly popular. A kebab is usually a tasty and inexpensive dish. However, manufacturers are always trying to save on production costs in order to be able to offer the kebab more and more cheaply. Unfortunately, the quality sometimes falls by the wayside. Due to increasing competition and the internal price war, the product of some manufacturers is getting worse and worse.

Nine of those affected even had to be admitted to the hospital
The members of a travel group from Hesse also noticed this. Fourteen participants complained of severe nausea after eating in a doner kebab in Berlin. It did not take long before all those affected were brought to a hospital by notified rescue workers, police officers told the dpa news agency on Thursday. Nine of the consumers even had to be hospitalized.

Dutch family also needs medical attention after eating kebab
It later turned out that a family from the Netherlands also needed medical treatment. They also had previously eaten in the same kebab snack bar, according to the dpa. The affected snack bar was in a shopping center on Potsdamer Platz. After the incidents, the snack bar was closed for security. The kebab skewer was confiscated for investigation.

Investigations against snack operators started
Now, due to the incidents, investigations have been launched against the operator of the snack bar - for negligent bodily harm and violation of the food law. The people in the affected travel group were refugees who lived in Hesse and were only visiting the capital. Nobody would have expected that the consumption of a doner kebab would end with a visit to the hospital. (as)

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