At least four patients died after questionable alternative medical cancer therapy

Authorities issue warning message
Several patients died after staying in an alternative cancer clinic on the Lower Rhine. As the Mönchengladbach police report, a woman died at the end of July after treatment in the “Biological Cancer Center Bracht” near the Dutch border. On Thursday, three more deaths were announced that two Dutch women had been admitted to hospital, according to the information. Out of concern for the health of other patients in the clinic, the authorities have now issued a “warning message” and call on all those affected to report.

Patients die a few days after treatment
Four patients who were treated in the alternative medical "Klaus Ross Clinic" (Biological Cancer Center Bracht) in Brüggen-Bracht died a few days later. This is currently reported by the Mönchengladbach police. According to this, a 43-year-old Dutch woman had had out-patient treatment in the clinic for breast cancer at the end of July and had died last weekend "for an unknown cause". Previously, the woman had complained of a headache, was sometimes confused and later no longer available, the report said.

Two women admitted to hospital
Now three more deaths have become known: According to the police, five treatments were carried out last Wednesday in the Klaus Ross Clinic. The following days, a 55-year-old Belgian woman in Nijmegen, a 55-year-old man from Apeldoorn and a 43-year-old woman from Wijk en Aalburg died from this group of patients. Two other women who received treatment at the center have meanwhile been admitted to hospital.

The police and public prosecutor have started the investigation
Due to the deaths, the Mönchengladbach police and the Krefeld public prosecutor's office have now launched an investigation. Both the local and the Dutch authorities are concerned about medical complications for other patients at the clinic, according to the joint “warning” from the Dutch, Belgian and German police authorities.

"Although more detailed medical examinations still have to show what exactly happened, there is currently a specific health risk for patients who have undergone treatment at this cancer center," the report said. Patients who have been treated there earlier are also asked to contact the police in Mönchengladbach or in the Netherlands.

Clinic denies allegations
The cancer center itself published a statement on its website on Wednesday after the first death became known. The clinic therefore regretted the patient's death - but also the fact that the facility was now suspected. "We regret the media's suspicion that alternative medicine, and especially our clinic, could be held responsible for the death of one of our patients," says the clinic.

Alternative medicine more controlled in the Netherlands
The center, located in Germany, is aimed primarily at patients from the Netherlands. Because there are only a few doctors who offer such alternative treatments, the information on the website. Alternative medicine is more regulated in the Netherlands, including through existing laws and regulations and government surveillance. The “healing masters” of the clinic are therefore not allowed to work there. In Germany, the treatment methods of establishment are permitted thanks to an innovative regulation - but are also strictly controlled here. (No)

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