Confidence in naturalness: practical tips for breastfeeding

Breastfeeding counselor: practical advice for breastfeeding mothers
New parents are often still unsure of what is good for their offspring. Does the baby sleep long enough? Is it screaming too much? How long should the baby be breastfed? Experts come across these and other questions again and again. A lactation consultant has some practical advice for the mother and child team.

What is good for young people?
Couples who have become parents for the first time usually want to concentrate fully on the baby in the first few weeks. The apartment is designed to be child-friendly, visits are pending, baby things are taken care of. It is also important to find out what is good for young people. Should you let the baby cry to sleep through? Does the little one cry too much? Does it sleep enough? Is the child spoiled too much? Dagmar Brauer has known these and similar questions for decades. The 50-year-old works as a breastfeeding consultant.

Many changes in recent years
Ms. Brauer is one of nine breastfeeding consultants at Leipzig University Hospital. Your roster also provides time for discussions with the patients. According to the expert, a lot has changed in medicine, technology and society in recent decades. "But nothing has really changed in the interaction between mother and child," said Brauer in a press release from the clinic.

Patience is required
According to Brauer, patience is required “so that mother and child can find each other as a team when breastfeeding. A screaming child does not arise in the first days of life. There cannot be too much sleep in the beginning. And the close relationship between mother and child is built up in the first few hours. ”So everything is fine,“ even if it doesn't work out right away with breastfeeding, the child cries a lot or sleeps a lot and often lies with the mother. ” According to the pediatric nurse, this must be communicated to women just as clearly.

Screaming for two hours is normal
Other experts see this similarly. For example, according to the professional association of pediatricians (BVKJ), not all babies who cry for longer periods of the day for a longer period of time can be assessed as a baby from a medical point of view. Crying for two hours a day is quite normal for the little ones in the first few weeks of life and is no cause for concern.

"Trust in naturalness"
"Of course women today have a lot of knowledge through books and especially the Internet," said Brauer. "But in our technological world, my confidence in naturalness and your own body has been lost. What has worked for women for thousands of years will still work today. ”However, patience is required. For example, the breast as a donor of breast milk is not a machine that can be switched on at the push of a button. "No, sometimes it may take a little emphasis on the mother and intensive need on the infant."

Mother and child have to come together as a team
From her experience, many women quickly switch to milk substitute food - despite other resolutions. “It is really a challenge for mother and child. Because both must come together as a team. The source needs to be tapped - it takes a while for the chest to adjust. And then the source must be used regularly, otherwise it will dry up, ”says Brauer.

Breastfeeding lowers the risk of death
“It's a shame that many mothers give up after a short time, even though they were so highly motivated at the beginning. Unfortunately, the young women trust the technology and the finished products more than their own bodies, ”said the lactation consultant. And that can harm the health of the offspring. Scientists at the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) recently reported an investigation that prolonged breastfeeding after birth reduces the risk of death to babies. Breastfeeding also makes people intelligent, as Brazilian researchers found in a study.

Practical instructions
The repertoire of breastfeeding consultant Dagmar Brauer includes practical instruction from breastfeeding positions to the use of the breast pump. "These electric interval milk pumps, according to the technical term, can also be rented," said the nurse. (ad)

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