US researchers warn: hacker attacks on our brain will soon be possible

Hacker attacks on the human brain should soon be possible
According to American scientists, it could be possible for hackers to gain access to the human brain in a few years. The experts believe that action must be taken quickly to maintain our privacy and security.

Hacker attacks on the human brain
Enormous progress has been made in brain research in recent years. For example, scientists from the University of Texas at Austin reported that it is now known that brain activity indicates risk taking. Accordingly, certain areas in the brain are more active when more risk-taking decisions are made. Some recent findings from brain research could be dangerous for us in the future. Because according to experts, they make hacking attacks on our brain imaginable.

Controlling prostheses through thoughts
It is now possible, for example, to control prosthetic hands using thoughts. These and similar applications that manipulate brain signals actually serve a good cause. However, such processes have so far been completely unprotected. And according to scientists, that could be dangerous for all of us.

Protect our brain's signals
As reported by the "VICE" Internet portal "Motherboard", researchers at the "University of Washington" have warned that hackers may soon be able to read or even influence our thoughts. According to the experts, we need to act quickly to maintain our privacy and security, and to protect our brain's signals before technology advances.

There is little time left
"It's actually very little time," said Howard Chizeck of the University of Washington. "If we don't do it quickly, it will be too late." According to the experts, the problem becomes acute because we are unable to give the computer limited access to our brain signals. This not only gives the artificial intelligence that controls a hand prosthesis access to the signals that are responsible for the movement of the hand, but could theoretically control every part of the body.

Police and governments could also take advantage of opportunities
Maybe they could even read our thoughts or implement new thought processes. It would be conceivable that it would not only benefit dubious hackers. According to the experts, it would also be possible for the police or governments to take advantage of the opportunities. But of course it's not as easy as "mind reading".

Can we protect ourselves?
The scientists showed that it is possible to get information about the preferences of the test subjects. “Technically, it will be feasible as soon as you put electrodes on people's heads,” says Chizeck. "The question is, do we want to fix it, can we fix it, and how?" (Ad)

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