Apples season: Always pay attention to the right variety

Apples season: Always pay attention to the right variety

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Apple season begins: Find the right variety for every preparation
Clear apples and piros apples open the local apple harvest season. The different varieties will then deliver fresh fruit until October. And with good storage conditions and a little expertise, many of them can be stored for months - almost until the next harvest begins. Availability may be a major reason why the apple is undisputedly the favorite fruit of the Germans. On average, every German eats around 20 kg of apples a year. But also the variety and thus the variety of tastes and uses contribute to the success of the pome fruit.

Just under 70 varieties are currently grown commercially in Germany. Only about 30 of them play a major role in the market. The retail trade primarily offers Elstar, Braeburn, the Gala Group and the Jonagold Group. They are all crunchy and juicy - ideal table apples to bite into. In addition, the market leaders are characterized by excellent transport and storage properties. So they are available for many months.

On the other hand, lesser-known varieties, especially old, often regional apple varieties, only exist for a few weeks. Many of them are only available at the weekly market or at farm sales.

With clear apples, Alkmene, Gravensteiner or Goldrenette the fruit salad tastes different every time. It is best to put varieties on the cake that neither crumble quickly nor are too juicy. Boskoop, Cox Orange or Goldparmäne are ideal for baking. They also do well as baked apples. Bite-resistant varieties such as Idared can be processed well into compote; for musts, fruits with loose flesh such as Berlepsch or Gravensteiner are more suitable.

If you suffer from an apple intolerance, you should avoid the market leaders for fresh consumption and instead resort to old varieties with weakly allergenic effects. Cooked and processed, all varieties are no problem for most allergy sufferers.

A few drops of lemon juice ensure that the apple meat doesn't turn brown too quickly after peeling and chopping.

A table with 20 apple varieties with their use and shelf life can be found at: There is also further information on the production, labeling and processing of apples. Eva Neumann, aid

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