Sour cucumbers: Small cucumbers have more aroma

Sour cucumbers: Small cucumbers have more aroma

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Small fruits have more aroma
(aid) - Pickled cucumbers are less well known than the classic cucumber. The vegetables have a pleasant aroma with a slight bitter note, which can unfold optimally by pickling. Those who prepare the delicacy themselves, as in grandma's time, enrich their pantry with a delicious side dish of meat, fish and cheese. Pickled cucumbers can also score with many positive ingredients. These include vitamins B1, C and provitamin A as well as the minerals potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron. Due to the high water content of 97 percent, they are extremely low in calories at 8 kcal per 100 g.

Sour cucumbers, also called pickled cucumbers, work best if you wash the vegetables, dry them, rub them with salt and let them stand overnight. Use only small, firm and stain-free cucumbers, because larger specimens usually become too soft. Then layer the cucumbers with vine leaves, dill and onions firmly in a sterile earthenware pot and pour a salt solution over them. The pot is left covered and left to stand cool for ten days. Lactic acid fermentation makes the cucumbers glassy-green and the liquid slightly milky. Although this doesn't look very appetizing, it is not harmful to health and does not reduce the taste.

Pickled cucumbers are also delicious. For ginger-pepper-cucumbers, the vegetables with shallots, ginger, dill flowers and chilli are distributed upright in clean screw-top jars. Bring the sugar, salt, mustard seeds, vinegar and water to the boil and pour the stock into the glasses until just below the rim. Close the jars and boil for 40 minutes at 90 degrees. After cooling, the cucumbers should remain in the sealed jar for at least a week before they are served.
Botanically speaking, pickled cucumbers belong to the gourd family (Cucurbitaceae) and originally come from India. In Germany, they are almost exclusively grown outdoors and grow on the ground or climbing.

Adventurous machines have been developed so that the harvest workers can work in a way that is easy on the back. They call themselves "cucumber flyers" and have up to 15 meter long booms on which over 30 employees pick in a lying position. During the season, the fields are "flown" up to 30 times in order to harvest only the young cucumbers.
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