Dentist reports on the biggest mistakes of oral hygiene

Old wives' fairy tales such as "Bad teeth are inherited" or "An apple can replace brushing with a brush in between" still persist today. With sometimes fatal effects on dental health. "Those who believe these myths often do wrong or too late in dental care and often risk diseases and damage to the mouth," emphasizes Dr. Stephan Ziegler, dentist and head of the KU64 dental practice from Berlin, and in the following clears up with frequent mistakes.

Caries and bad teeth are inheritable
“Teeth are not susceptible to diseases from birth. Only tooth size, jaw shape and metabolic diseases such as diabetes are inherited, which may have an impact on oral health. For example, diabetics generally have an increased risk of developing an inflammation of the tooth structure - also called periodontitis. Those who pay particular attention to thorough care can still keep their teeth healthy. Brush at least twice a day and use dental floss or interdental brushes. In addition, we advise our patients to do professional teeth cleaning once or twice a year. ”

It doesn't matter whether you floss before or after brushing your teeth
“Opinions are divided on the question of when dental floss should be used in daily oral care. I advise using it best after brushing your teeth. Because then, ideally, there will be no food leftovers in the mouth that can otherwise be easily pushed under the gum line with the silk and cause inflammation there. It is imperative to use a new thread section for each space in order not to distribute already dissolved bacteria, and then rinse thoroughly with water. "

It is better to leave bleeding gums alone
“Bleeding that does not occur as a result of injury, but that already occurs during normal cleaning, is a first sign of gingivitis. This is caused by the bacterial coating - also called plaque - which must be removed. Therefore, those affected have to thoroughly clean irritated areas in particular, even if it hurts. If the gums bleed for several days despite measures taken, you must go to the doctor. This is the only way to prevent the bacteria from spreading, which in the worst case can lead to tooth loss. ”

Eating apple can replace brushing your teeth
“Basically, no other means can replace the cleaning power of a toothbrush. Contrary to common tales, apples don't. They often even damage with the fruit acid they contain, because the combination of sugar and acid attacks the enamel. If you want to do something for your dental health on the go, but don't have a brush or paste with you, chew sugar-free gum. They stimulate the naturally disinfecting flow of saliva. Rinsing with water also helps. "

The cause of bad breath is mostly in the stomach
“Bad breath is only rarely the cause of diseases of the esophagus or gastrointestinal tract. About 90 percent of it is created directly in the mouth. This is because trillions of microbes live here, which feed on food leftovers and then exude foul-smelling sulfur compounds. Help here also offers very thorough tooth cleaning. Avoid regular rinses with a sharp mouthwash. They make the problem worse because they also destroy the beneficial bacterial cultures in the mouth. ”(Pm)

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