Don't always rely on home remedies for athlete's foot?

Don't always rely on home remedies for athlete's foot?

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Uncomfortable athlete's foot: treat with home remedies or medication?
Athlete's foot is a common phenomenon. The cause of the disease is usually skin fungi that penetrate the skin through small cracks or injuries. Experts advise treating the infection quickly and long enough. Are medications more suitable for this than home remedies?

Over two thirds of the population have already had athlete's foot
Athlete's foot is a common and often chronic infection of the feet. "About 70 percent of the population has had this disease before," said Uta Ense of the board of the Bremen Chamber of Pharmacists in an older message. Typical symptoms include reddening of the skin, dandruff, wetness, blisters, itching and burning. In most cases, the spaces between the toes are affected, but the soles of the feet or the back of the feet can also be affected.

It's best not to walk barefoot
To protect yourself from annoying athlete's foot, it is best to take some precautions. The most important rule here is: “Do not walk barefoot!” This is why bathing slippers should be worn especially in outdoor pools and other public facilities. In addition, you should not share towels and wash used towels at least 60 degrees.

Home remedies or medication?
But if it does happen, home remedies for athlete's foot can often help. Coriander oil, among others, has proven itself here. However, some experts believe that with home remedies such as vinegar, tea tree oil or various medicinal plants, athlete's foot cannot be managed. The magazine “Neue Apotheken Illustrierte” states that vinegar, for example, can irritate the skin and tea tree oil does not kill the fungi.

Adverse effects are rare
According to the magazine, the home remedies mentioned only rarely fear undesirable side effects, but their use often delays the start of effective therapy. Therefore, people who persistently rely on such alternatives run the risk of spreading the skin disease. In the magazine, it is recommended not to experiment with home remedies first, but to opt for a “demonstrably effective antifungal agent” - of course - from the pharmacy. (ad)

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