Do not express: If the pimples proliferate from the age of 30

Different causes of pimples and blackheads in old age
Pimples and blackheads are usually unpleasant companions during puberty. But many adults also suffer from so-called late acne. The causes of the skin problems can include stress or improper nutrition. But medication can also provoke acne.

Not only teenagers get pimples
Skin problems are quite normal during puberty. But blemishes are not uncommon even in middle age. In order to find out what really helps against pimples, it makes sense to know what causes them. It is known that factors such as stress or poor nutrition can cause pimples. In a communication from the Freiburg University Hospital, further reasons are given.

Hormones can play a triggering role
As the experts explain, pimples and blackheads are inflammations or cornification disorders of the areas of the body rich in sebum with blackheads (comedones), nodules (papules) and pus (pustules). The sebaceous glands are more active the more greasy the skin is. If the ducts of the sebaceous glands become blocked, pimples and blackheads develop. "In addition to genetic predisposition, hormones or hormone-like substances can play a triggering role," explained Dr. Kristin Technau-Hafsi, senior physician at the Department of Dermatology and Venereology at the University Hospital Freiburg.

Both men and women affected
Accordingly, both men and women are affected. Some women experience such skin changes due to hormonal imbalance or changes in hormone levels, such as after childbirth, during pregnancy or when the pill is stopped. External factors can also be a reason for acne-like changes in adulthood: "Prolonged or regular contact with oils, tar, pitch or chlorine can trigger" occupational acne ", especially on the arms and face," said Dr. Technau-Hafsi.

Heavy sweating due to tight clothing
In addition, tight-fitting clothes and regular carrying of heavy backpacks cause excessive sweating. The sweat that accumulates on the back can cause skin irritation. Furthermore, the message states that a wrong sun protection product (containing oil or emulsifier) ​​in combination with sun exposure on the face, décolleté, upper arms and back can provoke the annoying and sometimes very itchy "Mallorca acne". According to the information, this is a sub-form of polymorphic light eruption, which is also known as "sun allergy". It occurs in spring, peaks in summer and slowly wanes towards autumn.

Medications can provoke acne
Medications can also provoke acne. "If you have to take cortisone preparations or antidepressants for a long time, you can experience skin problems as a side effect," explained Dr. Technau-Hafsi. "Some drugs that are used for tumor therapy (so-called EGF receptor blockers) often provoke an acne-like rash on the upper body." In addition, the skin reacts negatively to stress, because then male hormones are increasingly produced, which stimulate the sebaceous glands.

If the acne lasts longer, see a dermatologist
There are various good-looking home remedies for pimples available, but if you suffer from severe or long-lasting acne on your face, décolleté or back, you should better see a specialist in skin diseases. "Here the cause can be clarified and an individual therapy concept can be created," says Dr. It is important that you do not express blackheads and purulent pimples. As a rule, this only leads to a deterioration in the overall complexion, in addition to scars and incorrect pigmentation, deeper skin infections can occur. (ad)

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