More than a million people have lung cancer without knowing it

Lung and heart diseases are often not noticed by those affected
Lung cancer and heart disease are the cause of many deaths for affected people around the world. Some of these diseases are diagnosed early, others late or not at all. Researchers found that there are approximately 1.7 million people living in the UK alone who have undiagnosed lung cancer, lung disease or heart disease. These numbers suggest that millions of people around the world suffer from similar illnesses without even knowing it.

Public Health England (PHE) scientists released new numbers on undiagnosed lung and heart disease. Apparently, millions of people worldwide live with dangerous diseases of the lungs and heart without even being aware of it. The experts from PHE have now released a press release as part of the so-called “Be Clear on Cancer” campaign, in which the numbers and relationships were explained in more detail.

Lung cancer kills more women than breast cancer
If the numbers of PHE researchers are correct, around 80,000 people in the UK alone could suffer from undiagnosed lung cancer. Unfortunately, the disease is widespread in our society. Lung cancer kills even more women than breast cancer. People need to be better informed about the threat posed by such dangerous diseases. Campaigns like this help, the experts say. The campaign should encourage people to see their family doctor if they have any complaints.

Many people do not notice or recognize the symptoms of lung cancer
The symptoms of lung cancer can be very similar to the symptoms of other diseases. Many people don't even notice them or get used to the symptoms quickly. So-called persistent coughing or shortness of breath need to be checked by a doctor, recognizing serious illnesses early can make a decisive difference, the authors explain. The causes of lung cancer can vary widely. One of the reasons for the skin is smoking. Researchers have already found that the risk of lung cancer in ex-smokers remains very high for a long time. However, there have also been other studies that show that white bread, cornflakes and puffed rice significantly increase the risk of lung cancer.

Lung cancer is often recognized too late
People with lung cancer often only experience breathlessness at first. The disease is not automatically associated with weight loss, and coughing does not necessarily have to occur, the experts explain. In some people, shortness of breath is the only symptom; those affected do not feel bad or sick. When lung cancer is diagnosed, it can often be too late. In the UK alone, around 28,400 people die from lung cancer each year.

Campaign is intended to encourage people to seek help at an early stage
If lung cancer is diagnosed early, the disease can often be treated successfully. The current campaign aims to help people recognize the symptoms more quickly and to encourage those affected to seek help at an early stage, say the doctors. This could save a lot of people's lives.

Watch for signs of lung disease every day
People do not always recognize the importance and potential of their symptoms and then assess them, for example, all natural part of aging. We should watch out for signs of lung cancer or other lung diseases every day, including persistent coughing and shortness of breath, the experts explain. (as)

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