Mint: Not only a spice but also a medicinal plant

Mint: A delicious spice and medicinal plant
It is a true classic among the herbs: mint. In Germany, it is mainly known in tea or in cocktails. The delicious herb can also be found in many sweet and savory dishes. Mint is also popular because of its healing properties.

Essential oils make mint valuable
Almost everyone knows the menthol aroma of peppermint. Often - synthetically produced - chewing gum, toothpaste or mouthwash has the familiar freshness. In its natural form, mint gives numerous dishes and foods a very special fresh aroma: be it in smoothies for health, in cocktails, a dessert or spicy dishes such as the famous English peppermint sauce. Most commonly, the plant is consumed as tea in this country. Not only is it delicious, it is also extremely healthy. As the consumer information service aid points out in a message from the news agency dpa, mint is particularly valuable due to essential oils.

Medicinal plant for headache and indigestion
Accordingly, the oils cineol and menthol are mainly in the papers. These have an antispasmodic effect and help with symptoms such as headaches or an indigestion. In naturopathy, peppermint leaves are also used as a home remedy for flatulence and against gastritis (inflammation of the stomach). Mint can also help against nausea. The herb is particularly often used for flu and cold complaints such as cough. In addition to tea, inhalation is also an option.

It depends on the dose
According to the aid experts, there is also too much of a good thing about mint. Accordingly, larger amounts of menthol can attack the gastric mucosa. According to the consumer information service, for example, too much is more than three cups of peppermint tea a day. Peppermint is probably the best known form. However, the spearmint is also widely used. Pineapple, ginger, lemon and orange mint are a little more exotic. According to the experts, the fine, fresh taste of young mint leaves goes well with lettuce, vegetables, lamb, minced meat, potatoes, berries, chocolate and desserts made from dairy products. Delicious mint recipes can be found on the Internet, among other things. (ad)

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