Walking naturally: walking barefoot is healthy and stimulates the muscles

Walking barefoot against sweaty feet and for better muscles
People who walk barefoot more often not only strengthen their muscles, but also train the resistance of their feet. Even against sweaty feet in summer, it is recommended to walk around bare feet more often.

The most natural thing in the world
Thanks to the warm temperatures, it is finally time for the feet to be given some freedom. Now your feet are allowed to air again, in sandals or even without them: barefoot. “Some people haven't done that since childhood. It is the most natural thing in the world to walk without shoes, ”writes the German Green Cross (DGK) in a current report. If you walk barefoot regularly, after a while you develop a strong, resistant sole skin that is insensitive to small obstacles.

Walking barefoot strengthens muscles and tissues
Regular barefoot walking not only trains the resistance of the feet, it also strengthens muscles and tissue. Foot and calf muscles benefit from walking barefoot. Uneven ground is compensated for by the foot. The feet also require mobility. This also trains muscles that are not used when walking in sturdy shoes. Some misaligned feet and later foot pain could be prevented by walking barefoot. According to the experts of the DGK, there is no need to worry about overloading the arch due to temporary barefoot walking: "Our foot is designed in such a way that it can absorb high pressure loads."

Diabetics need to be careful
Being without shoes brings even more health benefits. For example, you have fewer back problems from walking barefoot and stimulate blood circulation. Against sweaty feet, it is recommended to walk around with bare feet more often. Barefoot walking is unfortunately not recommended for people with diabetes. Because with them the sensation of pain is often disturbed. Therefore, there is a risk that infections could result if you do not immediately notice the injuries to your feet. (ad)

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