Hypertension: Vacation can prevent therapy goals

Hypertension: Vacation can affect hypertension treatment
Vacationers suffering from high blood pressure are best advised to contact their doctor before traveling by air. Hypertension treatment can be affected by unusual temperatures or a shift in the daily rhythm.

Holidays bring blood pressure treatment out of rhythm
Around 20 to 30 million Germans have high blood pressure. It is considered the biggest risk factor for developing cardiovascular diseases. After all, 88 percent of those affected who know about it have their high blood pressure treated, reports the German High Pressure League (DHL). The experts explain what hypertension patients should pay attention to during the holiday period. "Many patients integrate their blood pressure treatment and control well into their everyday lives, but holidays bring this rhythm out of balance by changing time, changing location, unusual temperatures and other daily routines," explained Professor Steffen, doctor of internal medicine, cardiology, gastroenterology and hepatology a message from DHL.

Air travel is not excluded
In principle, high blood pressure or weak heart do not rule out a flight. However, those affected should discuss their vacation with their treating doctor. There is a change in the oxygen concentration and air pressure in the aircraft. "In principle, controlled hypertension patients are fit to fly," says Professor Steffen. Patients with cardiac insufficiency should check their values ​​very carefully in advance of the flight, document them and discuss them with the doctor. The doctor can also assess whether chronically ill people should better avoid certain activities on vacation.

Carefree on vacation
In order for hypertensives and all other people with chronic diseases to be able to go on vacation without any worries, they should definitely think about their medication. The Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations (ABDA) recently announced in a message that it depends on the travel destination, what is essential in the first-aid kit. It should also be noted that medication always belongs in hand luggage when traveling by air. Once you have arrived at the travel destination, it is important to protect the medicine you have brought with you from excessive heat. (ad)

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