Recall action: this salmon can endanger health

Bacteria: Salmon smokers recall fish products
Von SER in Müsch, Rhineland-Palatinate, has recalled two of its salmon products. The reason for this is a proven contamination with listeria, according to the press release of the smokehouse. These bacteria can also multiply at refrigerator temperatures and can cause serious health problems for certain risk groups. Consumers who still have the affected salmon at home should therefore under no circumstances consume it, but bring it back to the dealer or dispose of it in the household waste.

Two products contaminated with germs
The Salmon Smokehouse Von SER is currently warning of the consumption of certain fish products. The reason: The Rhineland-Palatinate State Examination Office (LUA) had detected harmful bacteria in several fish products. The company responded immediately "for reasons of preventive consumer protection" by recalling the products from the trade and from the end consumer.

Accordingly, the “Eifelrauch salmon” (smoked salmon) with the consumption date 10.07.2016 (direct sale) and 13.07.2016 and Graved salmon with the consumption date 08.07.2016 (direct sale) and 12.07.2016 are affected. Consumers should under no circumstances consume these products due to possible contamination, but should bring them back to the store where they were bought or dispose of in the household waste. The dealers involved were informed of the recall and the warning, the report said.

Under no circumstances consume affected products!
The bacteria detected are listeria (Listeria monocytogenes), which can cause so-called “listeriosis” in humans. This can cause flu-like symptoms such as vomiting, muscle pain, diarrhea and fever, but it usually takes a harmless course in healthy adults. However, the disease can be dangerous for pregnant women, newborns, the elderly and people with poor immune defense and e.g. lead to blood poisoning, inflammation of the brain or meninges. The risk of premature or miscarriage increases in pregnant women. Customers who experience such symptoms after eating the affected fish are therefore urged to contact a doctor and have the symptoms cleared up.

The reports of evidence of listeria are piling up: Just a few days ago, the Fürstenfeldbruck district office issued a warning about the consumption of meat products from the Braumiller butcher's shop in Biburg. The company had discovered a listeria contamination in Viennese sausages and cooked ham during quality controls. A few weeks earlier, the now insolvent Geretsried large butcher “Sieber” had initiated a nationwide recall campaign due to infectious bacteria. (No)

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