Summer plague of fruit flies: this is how they can be quickly removed

Best home remedies for fruit flies
On sultry summer days, fruit flies are a real nuisance. The insects sit on ripe fruit and taste sweet juices, vinegar, beer and wine. While this is not bad in itself or harmful to health, it is not very appetizing. In addition, the fruit spoil faster because yeast and putrefactive bacteria can be transmitted.
Most of them are representatives of the genus Drosophila, who are also called fruit flies. They are two to three millimeters in size and dark colored with red eyes. The insects get into the kitchen in two ways: First, they fly through open windows when they smell ripe fruit. On the other hand, their eggs can already be found on purchased goods or fruits from the garden.

The females are always looking for a place to lay their eggs. Lazy spots or stalks of ripe fruit are ideal, where around 400 eggs can be left within a few days. The larvae hatch and are directly supplied with food. Millions of small flies can be created in this way within a few weeks.
To prevent such a fruit fly invasion, a "trap" of fruit juice, vinegar and water with a splash of washing-up liquid is often recommended. The flies drown in the liquid because the detergent reduces the surface tension. The application is controversial, however, as additional flies may be attracted. An alternative is carnivorous plants in the kitchen, to which the insects stick and are digested. The scent of clove oil, basil, sandalwood and holy herb is also said to drive out fruit flies. Regular ventilation frees the air from fermenting gases.

"However, prevention is better than fighting," says Harald Seitz from aid infodienst. »Buy only small amounts of fruit in summer and do not leave ripe fruit or juices open any longer.« The fruit bowl can be protected against infestation with a close-meshed fly screen or a cotton cloth. "Soft fruit, ripe apples and pears can also be stored in the fruit and vegetable compartment of the refrigerator," Seitz said.

One should pay particular attention to the cleanliness of the kitchen in summer. Wine and juice glasses are best rinsed directly, waste is removed and work surfaces are carefully cleaned. The trash can should be emptied daily.
(Heike Kreuz, aid) Other home remedies for fruit flies.

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