Health: Dill and parsley protect against cancer

The consumption of certain garden herbs brings health benefits
Can decorating our food with parsley and dill help protect us from cancer? Researchers have now found that these garden herbs contain ingredients that can prevent dangerous tumors from forming. If you eat dill and parsley together, the two herbs combine with properties that can protect against cancer.

Simple herbs from the garden can protect us from cancer. Scientists from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology have now found out that the combined consumption of dill and parsley protects against cancer. The experts published the results of their study in the "Journal of Natural Products".

Positive effects of garden herbs
Garden herbs have some positive effects on our bodies. For example, parsley can prevent bad breath. It also strengthens our immune system and some people even claim that parsley also helps against hair loss. Dill, on the other hand, helps fight free radicals and strengthens the bones, the experts say. Thus parsley and dill offer a wealth of benefits to human health.

Antimitotic substance inhibits cancer growth
Now there is evidence that parsley and dill even have the potential to fight cancer. The researchers found that both garden herbs contain Glaziovianin A. The same chemical is currently obtained from the leaves of a Brazilian tree (Ateleia glazioviana Baill). The substance is anti-mitotic and can inhibit the growth of tumors by disrupting the process of cell division or mitosis, the Russian scientists explain.

Researchers find a simple method to produce glazovianin A.
The search for innovative treatment approaches are an essential part in the fight against cancer. The results of the study could improve existing therapies, explains Professor Alexander Kiselev from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Our joint team has now developed a simple method to produce glazovianin A, which can inhibit the growth of human tumor cells, says Kisselev.

Chemotherapy is still the main treatment for cancer
So-called chemotherapy is currently the main treatment method for cancer. This includes a complex procedure, which includes the interruption of cell division and the inhibition of the growth of cancer cells, explain the doctors. But there is always new knowledge about the tumor disease. For example, a recent study by scientists found that brain tumors need fat to grow. Surprisingly, another study found that academics are more likely to develop brain tumors.

Existing types of treatment could be improved
The easy way to make Glaziovianin A could lead to better medication, the authors say. Nowadays, it is not only important to find new mechanisms against cancer, but also to improve existing treatments, explains Professor Kiselev. Glaziovianin A can inhibit the growth of cancer and can be made from a cheap raw material.

Doctors hope to develop new, more effective medicine
The new type of cancer treatment procedure would be cheaper than the existing methods, the doctors explain. The reason for this is that parsley and dill form generally available starting materials and that only a minimal number of steps are required for the synthesis. We hope that with the glazovianin A made from parsley and dill, we can develop a new medicine that will be used in the future to treat cancer more effectively, adds Professor Kiselev. (as)

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