Splinters of glass contaminated: Aldi starts recall for delicacy beetroot balls

Aldi calls back “Delicatessen Beetroot Balls” because of broken glass
Aldi Nord has a recall for beetroot balls from the manufacturer "J. + W. Stollenwerk oHG ”started. A piece of glass had been found in a glass. Splinters and fragments can lead to serious injuries in the mouth and throat as well as internal injuries.

Recall of beetroot balls started
Aldi Nord calls "Delicacy Beetroot Balls" from the manufacturer "J. Stollenwerk oHG ”back. According to a message from the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety, a piece of glass was found in a glass. Only 370 milliliter glasses with the lot number: LA 288 6 are affected by the recall. The company writes: "Dear customers, please bring the product" Delicacy Beetroot Balls "from the manufacturer" J. Stollenwerk oHG “with the best before date 31.12.2019 and the lot number LA 288 6 back to our branches.” As a precaution, the article should no longer be consumed. Existing glasses can be returned to any Aldi-Nord branch, the purchase price will be refunded.

Splinters of glass can cause serious injury
Food that could contain broken glass or broken glass should in principle no longer be consumed. These can lead to serious injuries in the mouth and throat or to internal injuries. In food production, errors in the manufacturing processes can lead to contamination or foreign bodies such as glass, aluminum or plastic residues. Only a few months ago, a large recall campaign was initiated in Bavaria after glass fragments up to two centimeters long had been found in pork. (ad)

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