Tattoo hygiene: what characterizes a good tattoo artist?

Tattoo hygiene: what characterizes a good tattoo artist?

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Customers should look carefully in advance
More and more people are getting tattoos. No wonder, because the colorful pictures on the skin are much more accepted today than a few years ago. It is now almost "normal" to have a tattoo. In view of the high demand, the number of tattoo artists is increasing, in almost every major city there is at least one tattoo studio. But how can you tell whether it is a reputable shop? The Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) gives important tips on what interested parties should pay attention to.

Tattooing poses health risks
Whether stars, flowers or fantasy motifs: tattoos are still a mass trend. Accordingly, there is a tattoo studio on almost every corner, where customers can usually get not only colorful skin decorations, but also piercings. Interested parties are therefore often spoiled for choice and are unsure which tattooist to turn to. It is particularly important that the tattoo is carried out by a qualified person, emphasizes the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL). Because the “stinging” of the motif can not only be very uncomfortable, but also entails health risks. For example, tattoo dyes can cause allergic reactions or non-sterile needles can cause bacterial infection.

Pay attention to disposable gloves and fresh needles
The BVL advises that you should pay particular attention to hygiene when making your selection. For example, make sure that the tattooist wears fresh disposable gloves and that disposable packaging for paints and sterile (undistilled) water are used for dilution, according to the expert tip. It is equally important that the workplace is clean and that the staff make a good impression. Devices and instruments such as needles, paper towels, razors and swabs for skin injuries should only be used as disposable material. A reputable tattoo artist who takes his customers seriously does not tattoo on the first visit, but only after thorough advice on risks and health aspects.

Don't let tattoos get stuck on vacation
Spontaneous tattoos on vacation should be avoided. Because it comes e.g. allergic skin reactions due to unclean work, the journey home may have to be started earlier than planned. The preferred tattoo studio should be able to provide evidence of a business advertisement, whereby customers should consider that "tattoo artist" is not an official training profession, the office points out. Accordingly, the use of the name is not subject to any restrictions, so that in principle everyone can call themselves that.

To be on the safe side, customers should have written confirmation that the color of the tattoo complies with the regulations. According to the Tattooing Agents Ordinance that came into force on May 1, 2009 in Germany, dyes, whose health safety is not without doubt, may no longer be used for tattooing. These include azo dyes and para-phenylenediamine (PPD), the BVL informs. (No)

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