Guide: Who is entitled to which rehab?

Guide: Who is entitled to which rehab?

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After an accident, chronic illnesses or a severe stroke of fate, the person concerned usually helps a rehabilitation measure to get properly fit again. In Germany alone, around 1.5 million people are treated in rehabilitation facilities every year. But who is actually entitled to such a measure? How do I make a request? Can I choose the facility myself? Dr. answers these questions med. univ. Simon Güte, spa doctor and medical director of the Gasteiner Heilstollen.

What is the common word "rehab"?
“There are basically three types of rehabilitation: First, medical rehab. With medical measures, it is intended to avoid or reduce restrictions that lead to employability or long-term care. The second form, vocational rehabilitation, includes all measures that are intended to enable a person to return to work after a surviving illness, with health restrictions or other problems restricting their ability to work. The third is social rehab, which should make it easier for people with disabilities to integrate into social life. "

Where do such measures take place?
"Rehabilitation takes place in rehabilitation clinics or in outpatient rehabilitation facilities."

What medical benefits do they have?
“If you want to get fit again with a chronic illness, you need medical supervision and targeted programs. Rehabilitation is only successful if a well-trained team and a wide variety of medical services are available. At health resorts, these are supplemented by classic spa therapies such as baths or packs. What is special about a spa is the - mostly local - natural remedies. In Bad Gastein, for example, the radon thermal tunnel is one of them. Here, patients enter the tunnel several times by train and spend about an hour at the therapy stations, where the active factors radon, heat and high humidity develop their therapeutic benefits. "

How does the application work?
“Patients should see their family doctor. He must determine the need and document the course of the disease. The application must be made to the pension insurance, the professional association or the health insurance company. Many rehab institutions help with the application. In most cases, an additional payment is required. "

What are the requirements for approval of the application?
“It must be foreseeable that the state of health will improve as a result of the rehab, the illness process will slow down or the professional performance will increase. With chronic diseases, people with rheumatism, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the respiratory tract and the skin have a good chance of being approved. After therapy with us in Gastein, many patients benefit from less medication, less pain or even freedom from symptoms. "

Do you have a say in the establishment?
Yes, insured persons have the right to wish and to choose at the treatment facility. However, the final decision on the facility and scope of services is made by the rehab institution. (pm)

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