Researchers: Electric shocks reduced the fat content in chocolate and made it healthier

New manufacturing process leads to healthier chocolate
Many people, large and small, love the taste of chocolate. Unfortunately, regular consumption is not really healthy. Chocolate has a high fat content and can therefore support overweight and obesity. Researchers have now found that electric shocks can reduce chocolate fat by up to 20 percent.

Scientists from Temple University in Philadelphia found that electroshocks to particles of chocolate improve the flow of chocolate in production without the need for additional cocoa butter. This process can reduce the fat content of chocolate by up to 20 percent. The experts published the results of their study in the journal "PNAS".

Cocoa butter keeps the chocolate liquid in production and increases the fat content
A group of physicists have now found a way to make chocolate healthier. Rongjia Tao from Temple University said that the fat content of chocolate was reduced with the help of electric shocks. Before the chocolate is packaged individually, it begins to flow as a liquid through the factory pipes. Cocoa butter helps the chocolate to flow smoothly, the experts say. Up to 40 percent of the volume of a typical chocolate bar is made from cocoa butter. The disadvantage of cocoa butter is that it leads to a high fat content in the chocolate, the researchers explain.

Cocoa butter contains a lot of fat and oil
Fat and oil in the cocoa butter usually help the chocolate in the tubes to remain liquid during production. Researchers have now managed to find another way to keep the chocolate liquid, thus avoiding the need to add extra cocoa butter. The scientists explain that the fat in the chocolate can be reduced by ten to twenty percent through electric shocks.

Loaded sieve delivers electric shocks to the chocolate
The researchers inserted an electric sieve into the liquid chocolate. This passed on electric shocks to the cocoa particles that passed through the sieve, the experts say. The process flattens the cocoa solids and causes them to behave like small bar magnets. These then take up a chain-like formation, which gives the chocolate more space to flow. Everything happens without having to add more cocoa butter, the researchers say.

Chocolate tastes good and makes you smarter
The new manufacturing process can lead to a new type of chocolate that is healthier and still tastes good. Chocolate makers have already tried to reduce the fat in chocolate. However, they only managed to reduce the fat content to around 36 percent. The new electroshock method can reduce the fat content to around 28 percent. This would allow people to enjoy the benefits of chocolate without risking weight problems. For example, a recent study found that we can get a little smarter thanks to chocolate.

Does chocolate taste worse with less cocoa butter?
Although the process of reducing fat can help make healthier chocolate in the future, some food experts are skeptical about whether this process can also make tasty chocolate. Unfortunately, the study does not provide any data that support an improved taste. For some people, cocoa butter makes chocolate so delicious. The melting properties of cocoa butter make chocolate so unique that less cocoa butter would make the chocolate more powdery and brittle. The critics suspect that taste could also suffer. (as)

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