In Germany, people drink more alcohol than average

Folk drug: Germans drink an above average amount of alcohol
Be it a glass of wine with a meal in France, a grappa after a meal in Italy or an after-work beer in Germany: alcohol is part of everyday life for many people in Europe. However, if the consumption of "intellectual drinks" becomes a habit, there are health risks. On the occasion of the World Drug Day, experts warn of the above-average alcohol consumption of the citizens.

High alcohol consumption is harmful to health
For many people, a social evening with friends or a visit to a pub without alcoholic beverages is almost inconceivable. Even the after-work beer often becomes a habit. But high alcohol consumption harms health. According to experts, drinking too much permanently can damage all organs of the body. Alcoholism increases the risk of numerous diseases such as high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, weak heart, fatty liver, nerve damage or various types of cancer such as colon cancer. Although the World Health Organization (WHO) recently presented a study that showed that young people in Europe and North America drink and smoke less today, the Germans statistically drink more alcohol than average.

One liter above the European average
As the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) announced on the occasion of World Drug Day on June 26, the alcohol consumption of Germans is still high in international comparison. With 12.87 liters of pure alcohol, the annual per capita consumption of the German population aged 15 and over is one liter above the European average. According to the experts, 74,000 deaths in Germany alone can be attributed to alcohol consumption or the combined consumption of tobacco and alcohol. The BZgA urged the responsible use of alcohol.

"Health is a great asset"
The federal government's drug commissioner, Marlene Mortler, said: “In Germany, far too many people still drink more alcohol than is good for them. If you drink too much alcohol, you risk your health, your social contacts and ultimately your economic existence! It has been scientifically proven that alcohol increases the risk of developing over 200 different illnesses. ”According to the politician, doctors recommend that men do not drink more than two small bottles of beer for a maximum of five days a week, and half that for women Amount. “I can only appeal to everyone to take these recommendations for low-risk alcohol consumption seriously. Health is a great asset! ”Said Mortler.

Alcohol is particularly dangerous for young people
According to the BZgA, there is a decline in alcohol and cigarette consumption among teenagers, but less alcohol is still too much, as scientific studies show. Dr. Heidrun Thaiss, head of the BZgA, emphasized: “What many do not know: Every sip of alcohol and especially intoxication are health risks for adolescents, because the maturation process of the central nervous system is not yet complete. If you consume too much or regular alcohol during this phase, you can do lifelong damage. ”(Ad)

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