Natural dental care: carrots, water and whole grains protect our teeth

Natural dental care: carrots, water and whole grains protect our teeth

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Healthy teeth: strengthen tooth enamel with carrots and whole grains
Sweets, chocolate, sweet drinks: We learn from childhood that certain foods have a negative impact on our dental health. However, there are also foods whose consumption can do the opposite. For example, carrots, whole grains or mineral water help keep your teeth healthy.

Food with positive effects on dental health
Most people learn as a small child that there are foods whose consumption can have an enormous negative impact on dental health. Typical children's foods such as sweets, chocolate or sweetened soft drinks are particularly worth mentioning here. However, there are also foods that can be used to prevent tooth decay efficiently. Health experts have some nutritional tips for a bright smile.

Much chewing protects the teeth
Brushing your teeth is the most effective measure to prevent tooth decay, inflammation of the gums and unpleasant toothache, but chewing a lot also protects your teeth. British scientists from the "Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry" reported only a few months ago in the journal "British Dental Journal" that sugar-free chewing gum best protects against caries. Various foods can also have a positive impact on dental health. In an interview with the “Bild” newspaper, the Essen dentist Dr. Diana Svoboda: "Certain foods can actually keep our teeth healthy."

Experts recommend calcium-rich foods
According to the doctor, these are primarily calcium-rich foods, such as legumes and whole grains. Cheese is also particularly rich in calcium. "These foods have a remineralizing effect and therefore strengthen the tooth enamel," explained Dr. Svoboda. "Acidic foods, on the other hand, such as fruit, can ensure that the tooth enamel continues to degrade," says the dentist. She also points out that chewing stimulates the flow of saliva and neutralizes harmful acids. "It also helps the dentition to clean itself, so to speak," said the doctor.

Whole grain products must be chewed vigorously
Whole grain products also usually have to be chewed vigorously because they are very high in fibers. According to Dr. Svoboda not only automatically cleans the teeth as a result, but intensive chewing also stimulates the flow of saliva. This neutralizes acids and the enamel is remineralized. “This means that minerals already extracted from the tooth enamel are reinstalled. Whole grain products also contain numerous healthy nutrients that are good for our body and therefore our teeth. ”However, care should be taken that the products do not contain honey or other sweeteners, since the sugar they contain can damage the teeth.

Sparkling mineral water
Legumes such as lentils, peas or beans are also good for tooth enamel. They are high in fluoride and calcium. Fluoride promotes remineralization, lowers the risk of caries and disrupts the metabolism of the tooth-damaging bacteria in our mouth. The expert also emphasizes mineral water positively: "In contrast to many other beverages, mineral water contains many valuable minerals for our body." If you are intolerant to milk sugar, those affected should use calcium-rich mineral water to strengthen their teeth. It should be ensured that the selected water contains at least 150 mg calcium per liter. It is even better if it also contains fluoride, as it lays on the teeth like a protective film when drinking and thus prevents acid attacks. "Drink still mineral water because carbon dioxide can be harmful to your teeth," said Dr. The expert also highlighted the positive properties of carrots, peppers, kohlrabi and cabbages: “These vegetables have the advantage that they are particularly low in acid. Attacks on our teeth by harmful acids are therefore greatly minimized when consumed. The best way to enjoy carrots and the like is raw. ”Then the crunchy vegetables have to be chewed well, which in turn stimulates the flow of saliva and cleans the teeth. In addition, these "hard" foods massage the gums. (ad)

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