Cause of death: singer Prince died of these drug pills

The cause of death of pop giant Prince is clear: he died of an overdose of fentanyl: this is an artificial opiate - so it belongs to the relatives of opium and heroin.

50 times stronger than heroin
Heroin is on the rise again in the USA and is still notorious - but fentanyl is about 50 times stronger, ALfenta 30 times stronger than morphine and REMIfenta even 200 times stronger.

An extreme pain reliever
Fentanyl acts quickly and massively against the worst pain. It mainly helps cancer patients in advanced stages and other terminally ill people.

An accident?
Prince is said to have taken the overdose himself - by mistake? He died on April 21, 2016 at the age of 57.

Risk of respiratory paralysis
Fentanyl is the most commonly used drug in analgesia in Germany. It is almost always used in operations and almost always administered in combination with propofol.

Fentanyl helps as a narcotic, it relieves the pain of cancer and is found on pain plasters in very low doses.

Even in low doses, fentanyl is dangerous for healthy people because it paralyzes breathing. Prince probably also died of respiratory paralysis.

Help for the sick
Pain sufferers and drug addicts increasingly produce adrenaline - this cushions the opioids. You can therefore also tolerate higher doses of fentanyl.

Only under control
Which dose of the drug a person can tolerate varies. Some are 100 milligrams dangerous, others need 1000 milligrams a day for fentanyl to work. Doctors monitor patients receiving fentanyl very closely.

Illegal in the United States
Without a doctor's prescription, owning and selling fentanyl is illegal in the United States, and in Germany the drug is covered by the Narcotics Act.

Many dead
In the US, Fentanyl is the “shooting star” among opiates. The Center for Disease Control speaks of more than 700 overdoses between 2013 and 2014. There is also a steady increase in fatal overdoses for opioid pain relievers in Germany.

As an opioid, fentanyl quickly becomes physically dependent. Side effects of the opioids include low blood pressure, reduced pupils, slow heartbeat and constipation.

Addiction or pain?
Was Prince dependent on the opioid? Or did he suffer from pain? The police don't know that yet. It is also unclear where Prince got the fentanyl from.

Drug free?
Prince publicly swore off alcohol and drugs a long time ago. But insiders rumored that he was dependent on medication. In any case, the musician had a so-called addictive character: such people increase in substances as well as in activities.

Hip pain sufficient?
The pop star suffered from pain in the hip and knees as a result of his concerts. Was that why he took the strong pain reliever?

Consequences for the doctor?
The investigators focus on two doctors: a search expert and Prince family doctor.

If you prescribe fentanyl for him on prescription, you may have problems. In the United States, doctors can only prescribe the opioid for extreme conditions such as cancer - but not for less severe pain. (Dr.Utz Anhalt)

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