Health hazard lightning strike: Observe rules of conduct during thunderstorms

Freiburg University Hospital provides information on correct behavior in the event of a thunderstorm
In the course of the violent thunderstorms of the past few days, several people were struck by lightning, according to the Freiburg University Hospital. A life-threatening health risk that is often underestimated. In the event of a thunderstorm, a few points should urgently be observed to protect yourself from the health hazard, according to the information from the university hospital.

Thunderstorms are particularly common in summer and it is not uncommon for people to be surprised by their sudden onset. Anyone who is outside at this time, for example for swimming or camping, should pay attention to a few points, according to the Freiburg University Hospital. The risk of being struck by lightning should not be underestimated and the consequences often take on life-threatening proportions.

Put down metallic objects
If a thunderstorm breaks in, according to the university hospital, "it is advisable to stop bathing immediately and to avoid contact with water surfaces, whether pool, lake or river." In addition, umbrellas and tents protect against the rain, but they should be metal-free, so without bars or pegs containing metal, warns the university hospital. Otherwise, the lightning could strike the umbrella or tent directly. In addition, the Freiburg University Medical Center recommends that you “also take off metallic objects that you wear on your body, such as watches, belts and jewelry”. The cell phone should remain in the pocket and should not be taken out.

Keep away from trees and lightning rods
According to the university hospital, there should be a lightning rod at least ten meters high on a campground. In addition, this must "in any case be higher than all other trees, poles or towers in its vicinity, because only then are the lightning bolts really interesting for him." For campers, however, the same applies at the same time, "that of all objects such as lightning rods, trees or Electricity pylons must have a safety distance of 100 meters. "

The old saying that beech trees should be searched for during thunderstorms and that oak trees give way is, according to the Freiburg University Clinic, "scientifically unsustainable" and the risk of a falling tree increases, "the less undergrowth it has, the more isolated its location, the more higher its trunk and the stronger its crown is. "(fp)

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