Fatal dental surgery: Young patient took up to five ibuprofen a day

Fatal dental surgery: Young patient took up to five ibuprofen a day

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Dominik A. regularly took ibuprofen and paracetamol
The case of 18-year-old Dominik A. from Hamburg is currently going through all media. The young man had died under general anesthesia after several hours of root canal treatment. The preliminary result of the autopsy initially showed heart failure due to a previous illness as well as the stress caused by the long-lasting surgery. But now the mother of the deceased has spoken and reports that her son took several pain relievers every day because of his dentist phobia.

General anesthesia due to panic fear
Tragic end of a tooth treatment: 18-year-old Dominik A. died a few days ago after several hours of dental surgery in a Hamburg practice. Since the young man was terrified of the procedure, the root canal treatment with several fillings had been carried out under general anesthesia. After the operation in the morning had apparently started on schedule and without any problems, complications arose in the late afternoon, the dentist told the "Hamburger Morgenpost". After rescue measures and resuscitation attempts in the practice, the patient was still taken to a clinic in Hamburg-Altona, where death was finally determined.

Up to five tablets a day
As a preliminary result, the post-mortem showed that death had probably occurred as a result of heart failure, which was caused by a previous cardiological disease and the strain from the long operation. But now the mother of the deceased explained that her son apparently had consumed large amounts of painkillers beforehand. As Anna A. reported in an interview with the “Hamburger Morgenpost”, Dominik suffered from a severe dentist phobia and therefore tried to avoid visits to the dentist by taking medication. According to the 18-year-old should have regularly taken ibuprofen and paracetamol, sometimes even up to five tablets a day, the mother told the newspaper. The panicked fear of the dentist was so pronounced in her boy that he had not visited a dentist for years.

No medical check-up before the operation
Accordingly, the heart failure during the operation can also be related to the increased drug consumption. Taking painkillers may increase the risk of heart disease, with ibuprofen, diclofenac and coxiben in particular being considered risk factors. The active ingredient diclofenac can e.g. damage the heart, if it is taken in an amount of 150 milligrams per day for a long time, warns the European drug approval authority PRAC. If high doses or a longer intake period are prescribed, patients should definitely consult their doctor.

According to the mother, Dominik's medication consumption had been documented in advance of the procedure, but apparently no medical review had taken place. The Hamburg public prosecutor is now investigating the negligent killing of the anesthetist in charge. (No)

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