Back pain: When the back hurts more and more in old age

Many older people suffer from back pain
In the course of life, the spine is exposed to considerable stress, which can be accompanied by degenerative changes and corresponding back pain in old age. In a series of public lectures, doctors from the University Hospital Leipzig (UKL) provide information about the degenerative processes, their causes and possible countermeasures.

"Life leaves its mark, this also affects our spine," emphasize the Leipzig physicians. Back pain is therefore a very common condition in advanced age. In the public lecture series, Professor Dr. Christoph-Eckhard Heyde, Head of Spine Surgery at UKL, on the degenerative changes in the spine, their different forms and therapeutic countermeasures.

Pain from degenerative changes
According to Professor Heyde, the signs of wear and tear and degenerative changes in the backbone increase with age, "which can trigger very painful processes." In addition, osteoporosis, a bone disease, also plays a major role in many older patients. The occurrence of the complaints can vary greatly from person to person and "some start at the age of 40, others start at 60 - depending on their genetic makeup and how heavily stressed they are in everyday life," explains Heyde.

Important questions about back pain
According to the UKL, the specialist clarifies “central questions about back pain due to wear and tear and osteoporosis, such as: What are the causes? When do I need to see a doctor? What options for prevention and therapy are there? ”Heyde will also show how everyday symptoms can be counteracted and what influence sports and nutrition have. The public lecture series "Medicine for Everyone" should explain the current developments in the field of medicine in a clear and understandable way, according to the announcement of the UKL. (fp)

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