Study: Broccoli strengthens our immune system

Study: Broccoli strengthens our immune system

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Broccoli promotes our immune system
Researchers have found out how food components and environmental factors affect the immune system. Various hydrocarbon compounds therefore stabilize a sensitive system in the intestine, the so-called Ah receptor and its counterpart, the Ah receptor repressor.

With bacterial infections, this balance easily gets out of balance - dangerous complications can arise. Among other things, the regular consumption of broccoli should be able to counteract this.

In addition to digestion, the intestine also serves to ward off pathogens and pollutants. His immune system must therefore be constantly balanced. The so-called “Ah receptor” (aryl hydrocarbon receptor) and its counterpart, the Ah receptor repressor, play an important role in this process. Together they are responsible for an adapted immune response. Scientists now wanted to know exactly how the Ah receptor and the repressor work together.

To do this, they replaced the gene for the Ah receptor repressor in mice with a green fluorescent protein, which always turned green when the gene for the repressor was supposed to become active. It was shown that the repressor was always particularly active when the Ah receptor was also activated.

When the researchers in the mouse model switched off the gene for the Ah receptor repressor, the mice were protected from septic shock. An overfunction of the Ah receptor repressor as well as the Ah receptor caused an increased sensitivity to chronic intestinal inflammation.

Diet could be important in this context. Vegetables such as broccoli with its many substances that bind to the Ah receptor and thus activate the associated repressor have a stabilizing effect on the immune system in the intestine.

However, it still has to be researched whether this knowledge gained from mice can also be transferred to humans. You can find the study here. (pm)

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