Lose weight: saying loud no makes you thinner

Resist temptations: Losing weight can help saying no

Many people who want to reduce their weight are often only partially successful because they too often cannot resist delicious temptations. A study has now shown what can help in such cases: If you are tormented by the desire for delicacies, you should simply say “No” out loud.

Losing weight often does not work

To get leaner faster, many people often rely on nutritional programs that, for example, rely on low fat or low carbohydrates. It is also often recommended to consume a lot of protein. It is better to stay away from unhealthy foods such as sweets or chips. Unfortunately, this does not work too often and you reach for the calorie bombs. British researchers have now been able to show in a study what can often help to resist temptation: simply say “No” out loud.

Temptations lurk again and again

Everybody knows about food cravings, in which you get an overwhelming appetite for something sweet or cravings for chips.

If you give in to this again and again, there is a great risk of getting fatter. But how can you resist such temptations?

By simply saying “no” out loud, scientists from Great Britain report.

Examination with overweight people

In a study, researchers from the University of Leeds were concerned with “examining the feasibility of a short intervention to reduce cases of indulgent energy consumption,” according to the authors in the journal “Clinical obesity”.

To this end, the scientists carried out an examination with 45 overweight people. The subjects were divided into three groups and examined for eight weeks.

The control group participants were required to complete a questionnaire every four days.

The self-monitoring group received the same instructions, but was also asked to say "no" on occasions leading to increased food intake.

The feedback group was asked to do the same, but also send a photo or description of the temptation to which they said "no". There was then feedback on this.

All study participants were able to resist temptations more often

According to the study authors, 80 percent of the subjects completed the study. The questionnaire was completed in 63 percent of the cases. A total of 87 SMS with photos or descriptions of the temptation had been sent.

According to the information, all study participants were able to reduce the number of moments when they succumbed to a temptation.

The number of participants in the control group was reduced by 4.1 moments per week, that of the self-monitoring group by 13.8 moments per week and the subjects in the feedback group by 9.0 moments per week.

The authors' conclusion: Self-observation and saying no, as well as self-observation and saying no, combined with feedback, were successful as simple ways to resist temptation. (ad)

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