It was just fun: attacked in the sand with parasite worms

It was just fun: attacked in the sand with parasite worms

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It should only be fun: adolescent catches dangerous parasite worms on the beach

It should only be fun: a boy catches dangerous parasite worms on the beach. He still suffers from the consequences. His friends had buried 17-year-old Michael Dumas up to his head in the loose sand on the beach. But there the parasitic worms bored into his body. As a result, the young man suffered a lengthy infection with painful effects.

Painful infections

According to media reports, 17-year-old Michael Dumas from Memphis (Tennessee) went on a trip to Pompano Beach in South Florida with some friends on June 20. The teenagers had a good time, took photos of each other and finally digged Michael in the sand. That was a fatal mistake because it gave the boy a painful infection with parasite worms. Other members of the group were also infected.

Blisters and bumps on the legs

According to a report by "CBS Miami", the teenager suffered from earaches after the day on the beach and developed a rash with painful blisters and bumps on the feet and legs.

The doctors quickly diagnosed a serious case of hookworms. According to the information, at least four other people from the group were infected on this day.

Michael's mother, Kelli Dumas, reported how her son's feet swelled from the infection and what it was like when dermatologists froze the worms on the boy's body.

"When they used the liquid nitrogen, he could actually feel the worms moving in his body," she told Action News Jax.

Boy still needs treatment

According to the US Department of Health, CDC, hookworm larvae can penetrate human skin.

The infections are usually caused by walking barefoot on contaminated floors.

According to media reports, Michael Dumas still needs to be treated at home, including soaking his feet in bleaching water every day.

Better wear shoes on the beach

The Dumas family had turned to the Florida district officials to warn others about the parasites on Pompano Beach, but said they received no help.

"How many people have been on the beach since June 19?" The mother is said to have asked the responsible health authority.

"How many people have been on the beach since I called her on July 17?" The agency told her it wasn't her job to take care of it.

On social media, she also said that the Pompano Beach health department told her that everyone knows that you should wear shoes on the beach, otherwise you can get parasites.

But she replied: "I assure you, everyone does not know!"

Terrible vacation

A couple of months ago, a couple from Canada learned how dangerous beach walks can be without shoes.

The two traveled to the Dominican Republic and were infected with hookworms there as well.

With them, too, the itchy spots developed into painful swollen blisters and unusual bumps. Your vacation ended in a nightmare. (ad)

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