Healthy nutrition: Overcome stress thanks to fiber

How does the consumption of high-fiber food affect?

Researchers have now found that eating high-fiber foods reduces stress in the body. Consumption also prevents food and bacteria from the intestine from entering the blood.

In their current study, scientists from University College Cork found that eating high-fiber foods reduced stress in the body. This also prevents bacteria from the intestine from getting into the blood.

Dietary fiber contains short chain fatty acids

The connection between the bacteria in our body and our behavior, especially fear and stress, is a growing area of ‚Äč‚Äčscientific research. Dietary fiber, which is found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains, is the main source of so-called short-chain fatty acids in the body.

What does a low concentration of short chain fatty acids do?

Low concentrations of short-chain fatty acids over a long period of time make the intestine function less effectively and become leaky. The researchers say that the leaky intestinal wall lets undigested food particles, bacteria and germs get into the blood and causes persistent inflammation.

Do short-chain fatty acids reduce anxiety in the brain?

Studies in mice have already shown that supplementing the diet with short-chain fatty acids leads to the fact that they have less anxiety and depressive behavior, are more sociable and have better cognitive abilities. The short-chain fatty acids appear to reduce anxiety in the brain, the study authors suspect. The inside of the intestine is surrounded by a single layer of cells that form the mucosal barrier between the inside of the intestine and the rest of the body. This barrier is involved in the absorption of nutrients, but prevents most large molecules and germs from the intestine from entering the bloodstream and possibly causing inflammation.

What role do gut bacteria play in regulating behavior?

There is growing recognition of the role of gut bacteria and the substances they make in regulating physiology and behavior, says study author Professor John Cryan from University College Cork, according to the English-language Daily Mail magazine. Little is known about the role of short-chain fatty acids in this process. It will be crucial to investigate whether short-chain fatty acids can alleviate the symptoms of stress-related disorders in humans.

Short chain fatty acids protect against cancer

Certain substances such as alcohol, aspirin and pain relievers (e.g. ibuprofen) can irritate the intestinal mucosa. This damages the occlusion between the cells so that some substances can get into the blood through the gaps, the doctors explain. Short chain fatty acids include acetate, propionate and butyrate. Previous research has shown that short chain fatty acids can play a key role in the prevention and treatment of certain types of cancer, particularly colorectal cancer. The researchers found that butyrate keeps cells in the colon healthy and prevents the growth of tumors. (as)

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