Lose weight: are artificial protein drinks or bars recommended for a diet after training?

Diet after exercise: Instead of protein bars, prefer to make snacks yourself

If the training was hard, many resort to so-called protein bars. They taste sweet and are supposed to provide the necessary proteins when building muscle. But diet experts warn: these bars are unnecessary and help little. It is better to ensure the protein supply through a natural diet. The dishes were easy to prepare.

Expensive and unnecessary products

Some athletes like to eat special protein bars or drink protein shakes for a targeted protein intake. But such products are usually not only expensive, they are not absolutely necessary in everyday life for the supply of protein, explains the Consumer Service Bavaria in a press release. Accordingly, even competitive athletes easily cover their protein requirements through the nutritional protein in natural foods and can do without protein supplements. Sports scientists also often point out that a normal diet is best for building muscle.

How much protein is needed

In their communication, the experts also explain how much protein is necessary or still healthy. “The daily protein requirement of an adult is 0.8 g per kg body weight. This amount already includes generous safety supplements, the actual need is significantly lower, ”says Gisela Horlemann, nutrition expert at the Consumer Service Bavaria. This amount also applies to recreational athletes who train two to three times a week.

High protein intake by the Germans

As the experts report, the protein intake of the Germans is, in reality, significantly higher and thus already in the recommendations for competitive and endurance athletes with high training intensity. In addition, according to recent scientific findings, one should rather eat high fat after exercising. As a result, the body learns to burn more fat instead of carbohydrates during exercise. This has the advantage that the athlete's performance increases and he regenerates faster. Carbohydrates are important, but according to experts, only in a manageable amount.

Natural protein suppliers

Typical protein suppliers that athletes like to use are foods such as lean meat, legumes, quark or milk. After strength training or similar sports sessions, 15-25 grams of protein are considered sufficient according to Consumer Service Bavaria. Dissolved protein powder contains almost always more of it and some protein bars are also above this value.

You can occasionally eat a carbohydrate snack after exercise as a supplement, the experts write. A glass of low-fat milk with cocoa powder, for example, would be cheaper and more balanced after training; Milk or curd with a banana or a cheese sandwich. A conventional granola bar combined with a little natural yogurt or low-fat curd is also good. (Sb, ad)

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