The number of measles cases continues to rise

Increase in measles diseases - Office calls for a check on the vaccination status

Health experts have been pointing to the increasing number of measles cases in Germany for months. Diseases are also found in the Lower Allgäu. The local health authority calls on the population to have the vaccination protection checked.

Some people still dismiss measles as a harmless childhood disease. But the disease also affects adults. Diseases are currently piling up in the Lower Allgäu. Since the beginning of June, 18 cases have been confirmed by the health department at the Lower Allgäu district office. "Among the newly diagnosed are not vaccinated siblings of the previously ill," says a message.

Check vaccination status

According to the information, some patients are now healthy again; however, some of them had to be hospitalized, according to the health department.

In order to prevent the virus from spreading further, the health authority again asked to check the vaccination status and to make up for missing vaccinations.

"And: measles or not: it should be a matter of course to stay in bed with a high fever and feeling sick, and not to go to school, kindergarten or work," writes the health department.

Disease is highly contagious days before the typical rash

The disease is highly contagious several days before the typical red spot measles rash occurs.

Initially, the virus disease resembles an upper respiratory infection, fever, runny nose, cough or conjunctivitis.

"Anyone who shows symptoms and is not vaccinated should contact their family doctor. He then initiates the corresponding laboratory examination to ensure the diagnosis, ”emphasizes the health department.

Health experts advise vaccination

A double vaccination offers the best protection against the viral disease. Therefore, according to experts, it is important that adults have their own vaccination protection and that of their children checked by a doctor and completed if necessary.

Measles vaccinations are carried out as combination vaccinations, the so-called measles-mumps-rubella vaccinations - today often in combination with a vaccine against chickenpox. Basically, two vaccinations are required to be fully protected.

In Germany measles vaccination is recommended for children from the eleventh month of life, for infants in a day care center from the ninth month.

And: "A single vaccination against measles is generally recommended for all adults who were born after 1970 and who have not been vaccinated against measles at all or only once during childhood or whose vaccination status is unclear," writes the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) on his website.

"People who were born before 1970 are very likely to have had measles," said the experts. (ad)

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