Kinetosis: These glasses help against motion sickness

High success rate: special glasses should help against motion sickness

Summer vacation has started in many federal states. A large part of the population therefore travels to relax elsewhere. The vacation should actually make you happy and healthy, but often there is a feeling of discomfort and nausea upon arrival. However, something can be done about the so-called motion sickness. Newly developed glasses should also help.

Glasses against kinetosis

According to experts, nausea and vomiting from car trips, train journeys and air travel and seasickness have the same origin. In the United States, the phenomenon is called "motion sickness" by researchers. Doctors in this country call the various forms kinetoses and in general German language use, suffering is known as motion sickness. Often those affected can help themselves with natural means. Glasses now on the market are also said to help against the disease.

Health complaints when traveling

As the French automobile manufacturer Citroën reports on its website, more than 30 million people in Europe suffer chronically from the so-called motion sickness (kinetosis).

When traveling by car, bus, etc., they react with symptoms such as nausea, cold sweat, dizziness and even vomiting.

In acute situations, it helps to interrupt the trip, get out, move and breathe in fresh air. Vitamin C and ginger can also help some sufferers.

In addition, a wide variety of aids are offered on the market, for which there is hardly any medical evidence.

Citroën now advertises the "first glasses against motion sickness": the "SEETROËN". According to the company, the success rate of this patented medical device is 95 percent.

Conflict of the sensory organs is resolved

According to the car manufacturer, the principle is very simple: According to this, the glasses create an artificial horizon using a liquid that moves in rings in front of the eyes (along the frontal axis, right / left) and to the side of the eyes (sagittal axis, back / forth). that resolves the sensory conflict that causes the symptoms.

According to the information, the product was originally developed to combat seasickness, but it was then decided to extend it to all those affected by motion sickness.

Now "SEETROËN" should effectively counteract motion sickness on boats as well as in cars, buses and planes.

This is how the glasses work

According to the manufacturer, the glasses are put on as soon as the first symptoms appear.

"After ten to twelve minutes, thanks to the glasses, the brain is able to synchronize the movements that the inner ear perceives and the perception of the eyes that are aimed at a stationary object such as a smartphone or a book," explains the automobile manufacturer.

Then the glasses are removed.

According to the information, the product can be used by adults and children from the age of ten (from this age the inner ear is fully developed).

Since the glasses do not have glasses, they can be used by all family members or fellow travelers and can also be worn over other glasses. (ad)

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