Researcher: Does wearing the tie reduce our thinking?

How does uncomfortable workwear affect productivity?

Perhaps the formal dress code should be relaxed a bit at work. Inconvenient clothing at work seems to affect work performance and creativity. Researchers have now found that wearing a tie, for example, can limit workers' creative skills.

Should employers just let their employees work in the clothes that suit them the most? Workwear can be uncomfortable and even painful if, for example, women are in high-heeled shoes at work all day. Men often wear a suit and tie, which can also cause problems. In their current investigation, the scientists at the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein found that wearing a tie limits the creative skills of the workers. The doctors published the results of their study in the English-language journal "Neuroradiology".

Wearing a tie limits creativity

Do you think you would be more creative and productive at work if you were wearing more comfortable clothes? The results of the current study provide some clues for such a connection, which you could also present to your boss. The experts found that wearing a tie limits workers' creative skills. It is believed by medical professionals that wearing the tie squeezes the veins and veins of the neck and limits blood flow, which may slow down brain processing and limit thinking skills.

People wearing neckties had 7.5 percent less blood in their brains

For their investigation, the researchers scanned the brains of 30 healthy young men. 15 of the participants wore comfortable open collar shirts. The other 15 participants were asked to wear ties with a Windsor knot. These ties were tied so tightly that it became slightly uncomfortable for the test subjects. The doctors found that the people wearing the tie subsequently had 7.5 percent less blood in the brain.

The sample size of the study was very small

Before you run to your boss and request more comfortable clothes at work, there are a few limitations to the exam. First of all, the sample size was very small, a group of 30 men is not large enough to generalize the results to a broad public, the experts say. The researchers also deliberately asked the men to wear their ties so tightly that they were slightly uncomfortable. This way of wearing a tie is surely too tight for many men. In any case, the results should be a kind of warning for men that they will not tie their ties too tightly, the scientists advise.

Reduced blood flow can reduce brain function

The study did not address the actual effects of reduced blood flow, such as analyzing people's response times and decision-making skills. Although it is known that reduced blood flow can reduce brain function, it is not certain that the small reduction in blood flow caused by tight attachment will actually have an effect.

Should clothing regulations be relaxed in some jobs?

When people feel uncomfortable at work about their dress code, it is difficult for those affected to do their work as effectively as possible. Employers should adapt fashionable clothing regulations to the needs of employees, the authors of the study emphasize. (as)

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